Wednesday, March 19, 2014


One of my favorite Connecticut activities is to peruse the family photo albums. They are rich with fodder, so many memories and triggers and belly laughs. Mom is in the midst of a giant photo album reorganization project, so has been taking similar jaunts down memory lane in recent months. Knowing this fired me up even more to find myself some time to dive in to my childhood during my latest visit.

Here's where I sat:

With my girl's new afghan warming my legs
Here was my view

Shaking with laughter, always. Not pictured: Cinderella sweeping out the fireplace (shame)
And off I went to the 70s.

I remember this Halloween so well. The costumes were borrowed (obvs*) and we went to some weird auditorium to march around in a contest.
*just wait
All the best things are from the 70s

Peter pan collars.
Low slung barettes.
 Patchwork blouses over white turtlenecks.
The way we used to dangle necklaces out of said turtlenecks. 

LOVE this. My bridging. Check out the elder escort, with her sassy brown open toe sandals and knee socks. I was going to crop out the chaperones, but couldn't bear to lose those pantsuits. 

Coreys and Cronins. Julie's pants. Everyone's hair. Everyone. Everything. 

The quintessential Cedar Closet Corey Halloween. Always some variation of army/bride/facial hair. This one was missing any sort of Korean princess reference, but has a bonus sheer-hosed indian of some sort? Don't ask me. 

OH, I die. Mom and Dad's bathroom. My dickie-do. Our faces. sawoooooon.

Sheer Joy. 'nuff said. 
I love those albums, and their treasure trove of history. I came home with a envelope full of gems that had been deemed unworthy of the archive. I think they'll make a great blog post, though.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Pure brilliance. Really, my soul is warm and fuzzy and happy way deep down. Where it counts.

I really do wish you had taken a photo of Mom cleaning out her fireplace, though, whilst we were under blankies on the couches. We are very bad daughters.

I think the back-to-school is my fave. Everyone is so tan, with blond highlights from spending summer in the pool. And, as you know, I have *always* had a thing for gauchos.



mom said...

Neither of you mentioned "why" you weren't cleaning the fireplace... love every pic...


MB said...

You Little Ones are sooo cute! Love the Shaun Cassidy bliss-out! xoxo

Jane Corey Holt said...

HOMIGOD I am laughing so hard at my desk it's embarrassing!! That is classic, corey, 70's lore. solid gold.

Beth said...

Okay, I have no idea what a Dickie-do is, even though I was born the exact same year as you, J. Looks more like Jane is getting you stoned ;)

Awesome flashback!

You must LOVE eating at Nati's, what with the signed Sean Cassidy framed photo on the wall....