Thursday, July 3, 2014

Extra Hot Sauce

There's only one good reason to go to Yale/New Haven Hospital.

Wait. Strike that. There are plenty of good reasons to go to Yale/New Haven Hospital. Kidney Transplants! Brain Surgery! Aortic Dissection Repair!

Okay, but if you are not having a kidney transplant or brain surgery or repairing your dissected aorta, there is only one reason to go to Yale/New Haven Hospital.

The food trucks outside the main entrance.

Here's the main entrance. 

And here are some of the food trucks.

Seriously. Mistah and I, in the past, have gotten off the Interstate just so we could visit the food trucks. We were just that hungry. And they are just that awesome.

One can choose between . . .

. . . Ethiopian . . .

 . . . Thai . . .

 . . . Latin (and really, who doesn't love Latin food?) . . .

 . . . Chinese . . .

 . . . Mediterranean . . .

Random Pretty Girl

 . . . Bengali. Bengali! . . .

 . . . Vietnamese . . .

Mad Vietnamese man because we took his photo without buying his food. Next time, dude.

. . . and Italian. (Sold by non-English-or-Italian-speaking guys. Utterly perfect.)

Me, though? When I'm in town for a kidney transplant, or brain surgery, or an aortic dissection repair, I have eyeballs for one food truck and one food truck only.

Mamoun's, baby.

Best Lebanese food in town.

I'm not exactly recommending aortic dissection surgery, but if you are faced with it, and find yourself at Yale/New Haven Hospital? The felafel pita is aweome. Get extra hot sauce.

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Beth said...

Dammit! I want one RIGHT NOW!!! (Not brain surgery or a kidney transplant or an aortic dissection repair, but a falafel pita!)

Honestly astounding variety of food carts at that place. There was only a food choice outside of the hospital I stayed in for 6+ weeks. I really, really could have used Bengali Bengali and the mad Vietnamese man!