Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Fever

I've got World Cup Fever; I've had it from the very first games -- er, matches -- of the group phase.

(You know who else has World Cup Fever? But pretends she doesn't? Mom. But that's not important right now.)

So, The Final Four.




*(I call 'em Ned.)

Best possible final? Brazil-Argentina.

Worst case scenario? Germany-Ned.

really want an all-South American Final.

But, I know. It doesn't really matter, not to my life. But I love the pageantry and the national anthems and the insanely awesomely crazy fans and the spectacle of it all. Hey, I don't follow diving or archery or downhill skiing or ice dancing all the livelong year either, but I love them every four years, too.......

So, today and tomorrow. The Final Four.

Let the best teams win.

Especially if they're Latin.


Pat said...

I am with you, Ellie. What fun! Go Argentina!
Love, Pat

Beth said...

Vai Brasil!

If they win the world cup, again, while in Brasil? Well it's going to be one nonstop, crazy-ass party down there.

I was in Rio when they won their 4th world cup title (tetra campion!), and it was madness. On a grand scale.

I'm with you, Ellie, Brazil vs Argentina. (With Brazil for the win!)


mom said...

What can I say? Where were The Boys From Brazil..Heartbreaking loss for you fans. Me? um, I'm still trying to figure out how long the games last.. mom