Monday, March 30, 2015

Hot Sauce Heaven

In my recent New York City adventure, I had the great good luck to cross the East River to Brooklyn, go straight to my girl Kelly's house, and have this guy make me breakfast.

 Hello Danny!

It was a breakfast fit for kings. And queens. And, you know, all the lowly jacks and their friends.


Kelly. Who shared her bottle of Veuve Cliquot with me.

Hello, lovah.
Danny's plantanos were phenomenal, especially accompanied by all of Kelly and Danny's hot sauces. I tried them all, had lots of favorites, and had a moment when my brain said to me, "You have got to upgrade your hot sauce assemblage."

But then I went home, and Mistah and I celebrated my triumphant return with take-out steak burritos on Sunday night. We gathered all our hot sauces . . .

. . . and I realized our hot sauce bar isn't so shabby after all.

In fact, it's seriously awesome.

Especially when we remembered the secret, special homemade hot sauces that live in the fridge.

Hot Sauce Heaven, baby.


John said...

Okay. Now I know we can all be friends. I'll post photos of all MY hot sauces one day soon and we can all ooh and aah over one another's SPECTACULARLY good taste in hot sauces. You and Mistah and Danny and Kelly are to be commended for your wicked good taste in hot sauces.

Beth said...

Oh dear. I don't have any.

But now do know where to go when I need some.

That breaky looks amazing!! I am on a stupid, stupid cleanse, and, well, let me just repeat that that breakfast looks amazing.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yuuuuuuuuuuum. Love this. Loved seeing Kelly, wish I could have partaken of the hot sauce and champers and meeting of da man.


mom said...

I checked out my hot sauces - guess how many...3! and I love hot sauce....xoxo mom