Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New London Light

I've promised you photos of Ledgie Loo 3.0, no, Ledgie Loo 4.0, wait Ledgie Loo 5.7 . . . and I will deliver . . .

In the meantime, though, we seem, inexplicably, and without our knowledge, to have amassed a New London Light collection, too........

You know New London Harbor Light, right?

Famously commemorated by the US Postal Service in their New England Coastal Lighthouse series?

The oldest and the tallest lighthouse in Connecticut?

Guarding the Harbor in tandem with her young friend Ledgie?

Hard at work, day after day, since way back in 1760?

Gwen Basilica mosaic
She's a beaut, ol' New London Light.

No lighthouses, no, but a cool old watercolor . . . 

New London Light had a blast at Schooner Fest a couple of years ago.

Day photo
Okay, that's Ledgie. But, sigh, isn't she great?

Day photo
Ooops, there Ledgie is again.

Day photo
And again. Oh, Ledgie.

But New London is a city that can handle it all -- black & white, rich & poor, musicians & artists, everyone else & me.

And do you know what else New London can handle, with our usual aplomb and grace? What we most enthusiastically and heartily embrace? What we need to make ourselves whole?

Both New London Ledge Light and New London Harbor Light.

Have fun, you two. Thanks for all your hard work.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Lovely lighthouses.... You're going to need a bigger loo!


Beth said...

ha, so true, Jacquie!

One day, ONE DAY I'm gonna see these beauts for myself! Until then I will continue to live vicariously though you. Thank you!