Friday, May 15, 2015

Here Comes the Bride

As a child, she mastered the jolly green giant stance for family photo opportunities

She's a beauty, inside and out

She is often thought to be good enough to eat
And her eyes are the windows to her soul

She is dignified and graceful

She is serious about hot sauce

She is and will always be the original Bird Woman

She's fun

She's funny

She can rock the perm bangs like no one's business

She is an adorable misfit

She is the biggest little

She provides back up when others do the Proud Mary shimmy

Eyes. Windows. Soul.

She can strike a pose

Sometimes she falls down

She said yes

She found her love

Here comes the Bride!


BreezieGirl said...

Jacquie, I can't get over that tiny baby Jacquie in that tiny baby dress.

Congrats to your sister! Have a wonderful time with your family this weekend!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh my GOD I die of love. Die. Love.

Happy Day! Such a happy day.

Love you. Love that bride.



Beth said...


I can hardly wait to hear about the big day ;)

Such giant congratulations to the biggest of the littles.


MB said...

Jacq, I finally just saw this - after our travel day last Friday, and fun wedding eve festivities last Friday night, I neglected to check the blog. Love it - what a great collection of Jules pix! Miss you all. xoxo