Monday, May 4, 2015

We Have This

We have this.

 Finally, we have this.


And we have Mistah, out in the backyard, documenting This.

Oh! And we have this!

(And yes. The answer to your question is yes I am awesome.)

And also, back to Mistah, we have, well, we have Mistah, who makes this . . .

. . . and takes photos like this.

We have this.

Finally, we have this.


Beth said...

Finally, finally, finally. It was long and rough (I hear), but whoa, the gratitude, right? It's palpable.

And the best part? Summer is next.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I know, Beth, but summer flies, so I'm trying to stave it off as long as I can. Sadly, though, I *can't*. The seasons, they have their own weird agenda, and they *never* ask me what I think.



jacquie said...

Great photos, it all looks so joyous and bright and warm. Your deck is ROCKIN, sister. I need to beam myself there asap.