Monday, August 3, 2015

Blue Moon Rising

Did you see that moon on Friday??

It was a Blue Moon . . .

. . . it was a Blue Moon Rising.

We were lucky enough to be at Ocean Beach, at the bar [gasp!] . . .

. . . when I spotted her a-risin' and said, "Schleck! Get your camera!"

And get it he did.

Oh, and then? Serendipitously? The Mary Ellen went by. "Schleck! Get her between the moon and Ledgie!"

. . . and so he did.

It was a lovely time . . .

. . . it was a lovely night. . .

. . . it was a Blue Moon . . .

. . . and the peeps loved it.


Beth said...

Whoa!!!! Those moon/beach photos are too cool! More prize winners, I'm thinking. Seriously good shit!

And it is always, always, always so nice to see a proper photo of you and Mistah!

Happy summering.


jacquie said...

Hey, I left a comment yesterday where'd it go? I said that it looked like you colored that moon with a cray-ola cray-on. And it does! Beautiful mooon, beautiful photos.