Friday, August 21, 2015

lake taco

As I mentioned, we took a road trip last week. We had ourselves an occasion! A wedding. Don't you love weddings? This was a family wedding, which is really the best of all the best things.

I love that we can leave San Diego at 9:30 am and arrive in the tall trees by nightfall.

San Diego to Tahoe is totally do-able in one day, but why? There are pit stops to be had, and I've always been one to choose comfort over pain. We had a fun family night and morning in Mammoth, then arrived in Tahoe just as all of our peeps were checking in to our Most Excellent Hotel.
We owned that hotel.
See my boy and my girl up there at the top of that last photo, going in to a room? That was our room. When you looked out the window, you saw this:

It was a good, good room in a good, good spot with very good, good people for a good, great wedding.

Sanjay say yaaaaaaaaay!
It really didn't suck there. What am I doing? What is in my hands? I honestly have no earthly idea.
Have you ever been to Lake Taco in the summer? People, I recommend it.

It was glorious to have that great spot just a couple of miles from the magnificent home of Bill's sister, aka mother of the bride, and her magnificent family. It was a wedding weekend! The love was palpable.

The bridesmaid/cousins performed a song for the soon-to-be-betrothed couple, because that's what they do

They have other tricks, too! Here they are being shown up by the next generation

We had the luxury of going back and forth between lake living and nuptials. what a life~

The tootsies got some attention

Then karma in the form of Ju-la-la paid my good girl back

Doesn't it look like Sanjay is dancing with Clara?

That's an aggressive dance
Lake hijinx aside, we finally got to go and be with the big event, the reason we'd all gathered

Sally and Daniel got hitched!

They were lovely, it was lovely

We decided to take a family photo, cuz we looked goooood. Here are some (more) outtakes

anything in my teeth?

Who's the boss?

this one's my favorite. 4 for 4

Everything was all wrong

but we fixed it. stay tuned for Christmas for the keepah


these two made me sniffle
The weekend flew by, it was so great. On Sunday morning we had to pack up and leave our lovely room, but it wasn't on fire or anything

Despite some guests' means of egress
We had the chance for one last visit with our lovelies

and then we were off. The wedding a happy light in our rearview mirror. I love weddings.

So, who's next?


Fan of Tahoe and Sallys in Central PA said...

My 2 favorite things about this post are
1) that it took place in one of my all time favorite places (which I have only been to in the summer)
2) that you have a beautiful niece named Sally (which belongs to my mother and my daughter)

The rest was lovely as well, but I thought I'd start with my favorites!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

You peoples are gooooood looooookin'. It's so nice to see everybody! All those faces we used to see occasionally but haven't for ever such a long time.

Your childrens and nieces and nephews and inlaws are just gorgeous creatures, and I love gazing upon every face. And what a spot!

So lovely.

Maybe you should do a collage of *all* those family photos for your Christmas card? Because they are beyond awesome.

And I know! I'm ready for another wedding too.

Love so deeply.


BreezieGirl said...

Lake Taco! I love that! (I called it Lake Ha-Toe when I was little, I mean is the order really SO important?) You and your peeps look lovely and I can't wait to see the Christmas card. I have a new address. ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Jacquie, I love seeing the Kennedy clan again....xoxo mom