Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Did I mention I went to Mexico? It seems a very long time ago now... I still do have photos of the trip though, and still do plan to post them at some point. Although not today.

Today I have the same lame excuse I have seemingly every Wednesday lately. I don't have time! Of course, I have the same time this week as I've had every other week of my life, but it all seems so filled-up and frantic and fast lately. Work, kids, social life; work, kids, social life; work, kids, social life, repeat. Oh, and there's yoga and almost always some yoga training too (started one on Sunday, actually).....Oh, and this week there were lice too. (Not kidding.) That was fun. Sigh.

So, as I checked my phone this morning to see if I had anything at all interesting on there to share, I had to smile at the sheer silliness of the three last photos I found there. I mean, who doesn't like silly?

Starbucks dude misheard me yesterday. I kinda like it.

Safety glasses are cool!! And silly. As is RJ's face in this photo.

My friend came to pick me up one night recently.  What are the odds? (I changed into blue jeans.)


Pat said...

Hey Belle:
As the Chinese say: "may you live in interesting times."
Love, Mom

jacquie said...

love! you are so cute, I'm psyched to spend the weekend with you, Belle!