Friday, September 4, 2015

the LaLa

I sort of casually mentioned in a recent post that my girl had been to LA for a weekend, but I've been negligent in sharing the love story!

Colleen and Clara had cooked up the notion of a weekend visit during the Asheville love fest this spring. There's a lovely train that runs from here to there, but I thought it would be way above and beyond for Col to have to make her way downtown to the station after a Friday workday, and I was on vacation so I drove up with my girl.

It was breezy, really. We went straight to Colleen's famous moviestar workplace to say hi and fetch her keys. We knew we had found her when we spotted the plant named Bono

I let him borrow my shades. It's a medical condition, you know!
Herself was busy in a screening (#soLA) so my girl and I prowled the town for a while. 'Twas grand.

Seriously, though. where'd she get that glorious hair? 
And then we had our first celebrity sighting

We left Colleen to the drudgery of famous movie star work and went to check out her home and hood

hello. rodent!
Then we all convened for a lovely night of food and bevs and silly movies and ice cream and deflated airmattresses, in that order

The next moring I hightailed it out of there and left those lovely cousins to their own devices.

And eventually, my baby came home to me

Cousins, man. I hope you have good ones.

They'll never be as good as mine, or as Clara's. But I'm sure they are quite nice.


Beth said...

Yes, I've been waiting for this one. Thank you! So awesome that Lala girl is still in Lala land, and therefore so close by!

We didn't hear about what you got up to in LA after leaving the cousins to themselves though..... ??


Anonymous said...

love it, love those gorgeous granddaughters of mine......

MB said...

Love! Col looks so much like her mom. xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love. I adore! Those girls slay me.

Bring them to me.