Friday, November 13, 2015

fat finger friday

I emailed my co-bloggers this morning to let them know that I'd get something posted as soon as I got to work. I usually have at least a draft to work with by Thursday afternoon, but this week has been stupid, at least from a technological point of view, and by the time I was able to sit and think last night I simply could not withstand the ordeal of creating a post on my little phone with my fat fingers. 

Driving in to work, I thought about what I'd write, knowing that it would be brief and undoubtedly lame. I had no stories or photos from the week that were worthy of fleshing out, although there was the matter of my lament about the very predicament that had led me to that current moment's quandry: the fact is that we need to resolve the computer wars at home. I had thought and talked about how much I hate shopping for technology and how it's even worse when prospects like Black Friday and Veteran's Day Sales muddy the analytical waters. There, I thought. This is acceptable fodder from which to grow a quick post. I started to write it in my head, as I do.

I got to the office,  then made my good morning rounds while the computer booted up. I returned 10 minutes later with coffee in hand, ready to crank that shit out, and saw this:

30 minutes later, it's still there. Well played, universe. All this exercise will surely slim down my fat fingers in no time. 


Me, You, or Ellie said...

LOL -- fat fingers calisthenics!

Seems to be a theme for today -- "Frontier" Communications (you try to figure out why "Frontier Communications" is in southeastern CONNECTICUT) was down all day here, apparently MetroCast was out all day; even Mom's compootah seized up.

Maybe the Universe is trying to tell us something? Maybe there's a lesson to be learned here? Perhaps this is Nature's way of telling us: Drink More Wine whilst online; you still won't have internet access, but you won't care as much.


mom said...

My computer is behaving again, whew, and I took another IPhone tutorial today - so much to learn, and so little space left in my brain, lol.... love you bloggers....

Beth said...

I missed this on Friday somehow. Perhaps my Internet was down. ha.\