Friday, November 20, 2015

scenes from mah birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, which I usually acknowledge with a link to my best ever birthday post, which you've probably been bullied into reading before, but should read again because it's awesome. Go ahead, we'll wait. 


So, a millionty years later, it's my birthday aGAIN, for the luvva. Here's how it went:

not pictured: morning presents sesh from my lovely family. oops and sorry. 

arrived at work to find this on my desk, which is super duper sweet even though I loathe wheat beer.

then a surprise appearance by my girl Janet! with those gorgeous vibrant roses and a rockin balloon. I love me some Janet.
later that day, Erika festooned my regular yoga spot with a trio of birthday candles!

Then we went to Old Town for my girl's first high school exhibition

nailed it.

It was thirsty work for some of us. 

Then home, for wishes

I can't reveal my wish...

but if you guessed health, happiness, and harmony for my peeps? you'd be on the right track
Happy Birthday to ME!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw. Love it, Birthday Girl! And I love your cake *so* much. It reminds me deeply and happily of celebrating birthdays in San Diego with y'all, a millionty years ago.

It looks like you had a fabulous day, despite all the demands on your birthday time your chitlins made.

And hey, here's to heath, happiness and harmony to you, too.

Love you, sistah.


Beth said...

That IS some awesome cake! Sweet (yes, a pun in there!!!

Glad you had some special moments yesterday, regardless of the fact that your birthday fell midweek on a day with lots of obligations.

I was thinking of doing just what Janet did! Minus the balloon. But I didn't. She is such the better friend. But, I love you *just* as much. In fact, I love you SO much, that I am willing to drink that loathsome wheat beer for you!

Happy belated! The celebrating has just begun.