Tuesday, November 3, 2015

When in Santiago

I've been in Santiago, Chile since early last Friday morning. Unfortunately I've been sick the entire time so have not been out and about taking in the city like I was wont to do.

But Last night I took Nathalie, the 'booth hostess' out to dinner. She is a bilingual,  early twenties Chilean woman who has been a great help to me and my company throughout this medical congress. On Monday we chose Tuesday as the night to go out to dinner together. I told her to think about a place she's like to go. I stressed that it could be any restaurant she wanted, it was on me, or more correctly, on my place of employ. My boss had expressly told me to take her out, nightly if desired, so I told her to think big, money was not an issue.

I didn't really have a preference, but when we ended up here, well I had to laugh! 

I came all the way to Chile to eat at my first Appplebee's!! 
But it wasn't all fried cheese and kettle chips with white sauce, I did have my one and only Pisco sour. 

So don't say I didn't do Santiago right. 


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh dear. Applebee's! Oh, that silly, silly Nathalie.

*Sigh*. That pisco sour looks awfully good, though.

I hope my first Applebee's experience is just as exotic. :)


Pat said...

That is hysterical. I guess you forgot say "Chilian"'restaurant. Too bad!
Love, Mom

jacquie said...

That is so funny! We affectionately call it "Crapplebees". hope you get to go somewhere good for your last night


Hap Purcell said...

A good friend of mine goes to Applebee's when he wants to have a drink where no one will recognize him.

Chuckling in Central PA said...

That is soo funny, but not surprising...our Ecuadorian exchange student told us that the high end restaurant that usually has a long line to get in is the local Chili's. She was thrilled that State College had one!! Who knew?!

Beth said...

That is funny, Hap. I definitely don't think anyone recognized me there. ;)

And, Dot, Nathalie metioned Chili's a few times during our time at Applebee's. Very interesting - I guess no one can do crap food like the American's can.