Monday, February 8, 2016

Snow Day

Well, actually, I'm still going to work, and Mistah's still going to work, but all the children and all the teachers in all the land of SECT are staying home.

Right where they belong.

After an insanely mild December and January we're in the midst of our second February snowstorm. But here's something I almost never say. Last week's snow was beautiful. It snowed all day on Friday and then the sun came out in the late afternoon and every tree branch was covered with snow and the sun lit up the world and it was incredible. Gorgeous. Spectacular. Downright Magical.

Look what I did:

And Look:

But then we did the right thing and sent Mistah out into the world, and the results were stunning:

I mean, right??

And then on Saturday he headed out to Ocean Beach:

Spectacular, right? I know. It's been beautiful.

But I can't help thinking that despite beauty and drama and excitement of a snowy day, Mom and Julie and Colleen and Jacquie and Clara and Bill and James may possibly be winning today, frolicking together in warm and sunny San Diego.

Have fun, kids!


Dawnie said...

The Ocean Beach pictures...the clouds...ach. Thank you.

Beth said...

WOW!!! Amazingly beautiful. Stunning, really.

I know this is so wimpy, but glad to be looking at them from here in sunny SD instead of in real time in real snow. Thank you for sharing your winter!


jacquie said...

beautiful! but brrrrrr. we are indeed winning.

love you!


mom said...

You're so right, that was a beautiful snow storm but I was so happy to leave it...
San Diego? Priceless..... love you..... mom