Friday, February 12, 2016


Aw, I'm sorry to do this to y'all when there's so much fodder to be had around here this week. But I am having a sleepover with my mommy tonight and our time together supercedes my blogbligations. In my defense, I offer this lovely look back that Facebook shared with me this week, beautifully coinciding with another meeting of these two beauties on Superbowl Sunday:


Super - updated with recipe

I was recently inspired to bring a n'awlinsstyle dish to a certain sports event type party that we were planning to attend. I considered making some class of Cajunnumber in the crock pot, and went so far as to look up a couple of easy jambalaya recipes. But crockpot jambalaya seemed so.... soft. What about the sizzling of meats, and all the bits of browned goodness that need to be incorporated into the liquid so it will achieve that golden color? No, no... the crock pot would not do. My jambalaya had to be made in a proper dutch oven. Nothing in my kitchen would do. (this is SO me, isn't it? But I realize that I am demented, and admitting that I have a problem is the first step, right?) So I took a little sojourn to the home store, and I found my true love.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

I'm going to spare you the billions of blurryphotos I took of the jambalaya making action. It was self-indulgent, all that snapping and shooting. I was really just looking for an excuse to fondle, pose, and mess with my beautiful new lovechildcookware.

Just look how she completed the table of joy at the party:

There was also a punchbowl of joy involved, and despite the odd feathered creature hovering above it, I was able to indulge in its delectable rum-soaked goodness.

The kids had a great time too, it turned out to be a perfectly lovely day after all so they enjoyed the back yard. They even found time to stage themselves for what could easily be confused with an expensive, glossy magazine ad

what would they be selling?

My boy was a little outnumbered with all the budding estrogen, but he found his own fun

Even the game was fun to watch, the pressure was off but we had certainly taken sides. It's so great when the team you're rooting for actually wins! But the real entertainment was taking place outside, when two baby girls discovered each other

Who dat?

And then they got right to the business of making out

Aw, they were feeling the love!

Sometimes there's a fine line between pleasure and pain

hi Beth!

When the sports entertainment was over, we were treated to our own private post game show

and I won the boxes!

It was super.

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Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, look at all the wee ones! Love those bambinas, and *love* those now-teen-age-girls.

Blogbligations is a really good word.

I cannot tell you how much I've loved every post and every photo and every text and every email from San Diego this week. Love so much. Thank you for taking such good care of my mommy.

Love you Big. Have fun, schnookie-pie.