Monday, February 1, 2016


So did you hear that this year the Super Bowl is not using Roman Numerals for the first time ever? Because it is Super Bowl 50, which translates, in Roman Numeral Language, to L, and apparently that is too difficult for non-Romans to digest.

"Super Bowl EL? Huh? What Da?"*

*(That's non-Romans trying to figure out the "L")

 Absurd, I know.

I am a lover of Roman Numerals, and not just because they're called numerals and not numbers. I've always been a big fan. A huge fan. I mean, they're Roman! They're Numerals! They're letters! Translated to numbers! Nay, numerals!

I die of Roman Numeral love.


New London's own Hygienic Art Show does not shy away from Roman Numerals, and I bet they won't when they turn L, either. Unlike some people I know.

We had a fantastic Hygienic XXXVII show. Like, epicly so. Here's the thing, though.

We took no photos.

I know!


The reason is that our fun was so epic that the camera would have melted and then burst in our hands. Into a million tiny pieces.

I know. Burst *and* melted. That's not easy to do.

But we can revisit. We can just pretend it's Hygienic XXX or XXXII or XXXIV or XXXVI. . . 

But the next day, though? The next day was January 31 -- I mean January XXXI -- which is -- let's face it -- the Dead of Winter, which means one thing and one thing only:

Doors open; all hands on Deck.

Booze out . . .

. . . friends in . . .

. . . peace out on the Thames River . . .

. . . and only XLVII days until Spring.


jacquie said...

love that little deck party! glad you had such a happy, festive weekend.

i adore you peeps


Beth said...

I most certainly did not hear that. But it sounds like something the NFL would do. Let's dumb it down and then market it up/more!

I must say I am shocked by the lack of Hygienic show photos. What the? But I do dearly love the photos provided. I dare say it was warmer on January 31 in New London than in San Diego. You be winning!!


kathy said...

The Hygienic show numerals are actually based on the super bowl numerals. The show always opened on Super Bowl weekend for the first 22 years. Until 9/11/2001 When they postponed the football season for a week and the bowl was a week later. Ciao.Vinnie