Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bug house

Bug house is the name we call homes that are being tented and fumigated for termites. My oldest coined the term when she was a wee one, and it has stuck - we point these bug houses out to each other whenever we happen to pass one on our drives about the city.

But this post is about an actual bug house. A house for bugs, not the tenting of a house for the elimination of bugs.

Some background: my girls all developed a love for roly polys during preschool. Especially the two that went to Jacquie's preschool. There always seemed to be a plethora of roly polys there -- making that already awesome school all the more awesome.

But preschool is in the past for all of my kids. There are not as many roly polys in our lives anymore. It's a bit sad.

But when my youngest did come across some last weekend? Well, she had some fun with those little guys.

And there were lots of them.

She rounded them up.

But she was worried her slightly barren spot might be a bit too sunny for the guys.

So she got to work.

Construction phase

Finished product

Let's just hope they don't get termites!

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