Monday, April 11, 2016

Hilarity Ensued

My sister Julie invented the most ingenious, absolutely foolproof way for taking the best self-timers ever:

Get your daughter / niece / granddaughter Erin on facetime on your phone and place it atop the camera on its tripod.

I promise you: hilarity will ensue . . .

We were dying laughing. And we owe it all to Erin, who surely must have thought we looked like a pack of slightly hysterical hyenas.

We didn't bring Erin with us into the kitchen, but hilarity ensued there, too:

It was a weekend of magically crossed paths of visitors and some sisters and The Masters and pizza and luncheon and quite possibly a drinkie-poo or two.

Or seven.

We're awfully lucky to have these peeps of ours come around from time to time . . .

photo by Da Dowd

. . . because we have us some pretty fun peeps . . .

. . . and the most fabulous, the most tolerant, the most awesome, and the most generous Mom in all the land.

Love you lovelies. Come back to me!


Beth said...

Wow, Julie gets around!! Love that she and her two men made it up to New London.

Warms the cockles to see you all together for hilarity and drinkie-poos x7.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Not New London, Beth: we were in Southport at Mom's, and at The Horseshoe.

This morning I said to Mom that she *is* the most tolerant mom in all the land, surrounded as she is by all the crazy peeps. She said, "Well, crazy peeps are better than no peeps at all."

She really is the


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I do deeply, deeply love!!!


mom said...

It was a visit for the ages, short and sweet and oh so much fun. Seven peeps sleeping in my condo was pretty awesome... I'm a lucky lady...
love, mom