Monday, April 4, 2016

Dis and Dat

We're in the in-between time. Spring is all about in-between, here and there, dis and dat. People are all, "It rains and then it snows and then it hails and then it's nice . . . where is Spring?!"

And I reply, "That is spring."

I'm kind of a Spring weather guru.



During this in-between, dis and dat time our lovely friends texted us,

"We're planning an excursion to westerly packing- need anything? Or want to come along?"

 Oh, do we.

Oh, and did we.

Field Trip!!

Sammy Meatballs couldn't get enough of us. Of Michelle, mostly, but still. I think he loved us all.

Especially Michelle.

And then we realized in our, um, exuberance the evening before we may or may not have forgotten everything. Eveyone. One one:

Sigh. We did.

The only good thing about the whole debacle was the absence of a person enabled us to fold down the middle console in the back seat to unearth the drink holders.

Well, that and we got a lot of steaks and seafood.

Okay. Dis and Dat.

Puddles during the endlessly rainy -- and snowy -- weekend:

Charcoal in spite of it:

Abd best of all:

First Signs.


jacquie said...

Poor Hsin! I'm sure that your sweet messages helped her cope with her abandonment. I saw a photo you were tagged in on facebook from that field trip, and I was afraid to ask what the hell I was looking at. I think it was dead? I do not quite want to know. Love you!


Beth said...

I'm a tad bit confused myself, westerly packing? Sammy meatballs?

But all your inbetweening looks entertaining. And it's always good to see solid signs of Spring.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

You're absolutely right, Beth. I should have linked Westerly Packing to their website . . . and I just did.

"Traditions and Flavors brought from the southern coast of Italy to the southern coast of Rhode Island."

I know, right??

It's a fabulous butcher shop / market / frozen foods emporium where you can get the most *amazing* treats . . . including "soupy" -- aka soppressata -- their amazing home-cured Italian dry salami. *That's* the photo you saw that Michelle posted, Jacquie: that's their soupy dry-curing room.

And finally, Sammy Meatballs is the brother (uncle? newphew? son?) who makes what he describes as "world-famous" meatball mix.

And just like that, a sobriquet was born.