Monday, May 23, 2016

Field Work

Having a Field can be hard work.

And Mistah has risen to the task.

He's always out there raking and chopping and lopping and clearing.

And voilĂ , a new hole in the fence.

I get into the act, too. See all that brush?

Cleared it right out.

And then the best part? One gets to admire one's work.

(Why yes, we are still wearing hats in late May.)

Speaking of late May, it's Iri Season around here.

But anyway, back to The Field.

The other best part is sending Mistah out into it with his camera.

I can't get enough of the view of the back of our house 800 miles away.

The worm's eye view.

Mistah and Frankie have taken to Frisbee Frolicking in The Field.

And sometimes we like to have photo sessions on the Weed Tree Trunk:

(Remind me to tell you about that weird house in the background. Seriously.)

But then, always, it's back to work . . .

. . . A Work In Progress.


jacquie said...

It's a purdy, purdy field! I can't wait to frolic and meander.


Beth said...

So far away that house is!!! Teeny tiny worm's eye view. You guys are practically landed gentry.

Reason number 10,789 to come visit you. (Yeah, that's right, I just invited myself.)

I trust we'll soon see a photo of our very own Jacquie frolic and meandering in the field. Looking forward to it.