Wednesday, May 4, 2016

As years go by

I think I may have mentioned in some earlier post that 2016 is the Year of Career. And then I gave no further details. I don't think I ever summarized 2015, the Year of the Man for you either.

Well, Year of the Man was really quite successful. I spent many, many hours learning from this man.

Who is an amazingly smart and eloquent human whom I continue to study with.

During the formal 6-month immersion he led in 2015, I got to know this guy, Banjo, who was my immersion 'buddy' -- another incredibly smart human who I also deeply admire.

I told you it was a good year!

And then, of course, there's this guy. My main man, my real prize of 2015 (and beyond) - who has made appearances in blog posts before.

I mean, really? A one-handed handstand?
And big vats of wine grapes?
And an amazing musician? I'm sold!

To close out the year, my brother made it out to visit!

Both the largest and the worst drink he's ever had. True story.

But I digress.... I was going to clue you into how the Year of Career is going.....

It's going. It's going well. I do indeed have a new job, in addition to my old job. I now work with these guys:

Wait a it still year of the man?


Clueless in Central PA said...

You've given me a whole post of somethings and I still feel like I know must live with teenagers and it's rubbing off on you.
Guess you'll fill me in at either the Oktoberfest or class reunion, you pick.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

So man menses! I'm slightly jealous and gigantically impressed. And so happy for you!

I mean, seriously. You're well on your way to a Man Calendar here, Missy.

Whatever you're doing, don't stop.

Happy Year of the Career Man!

Love you.


jacquie said...

those are some Abtastic men, man. I was also going to suggest a calendar - maybe that could also count as a career move!