Friday, May 27, 2016


I'm in Boston! Here's some of the backstory, as shared in photos over the last month leading up to this gathering with snippets of associated comments that were made by my funny, sentimental extended family members:

 "Okay, this is insanely awesome.,, Grammy and Grampy (I die). "

(I hope you know how much I am enjoying this....!!:)   
I think that's me on the left with the bad bowl cut and dead stare.  look how tan I was! no wonder I have so many wrinkles. Look how white I was! Yet still wrinkly. Shoulda laid out more. 
Ellie is like the rainman of Flatley history

I look like a sparkly linebacker. 
This is still how I picture all of you guys- beautiful princesses in sparkly gowns!! I idolized all of you!! 💖💖💖 (what’s with the past tense)

️In honor of Mother's Day

Could we look any paler?? We all need to go outside a little more!

But the real question is: Who is wearing the Aunt Jemima scarf in the background? 

How many of these people can YOU name? smile emoticon

Wonderful...just wonderful

   LOVE. Love the huge difference between the Bigs and the Littles... 
And look at how well dressed we all were. How did they do it???

This photo was taken at the family dinner celebrating Uncle Brian's 25th ordination of being a priest!

Auntie Mary and the guys....? 
What happened to those ties? I could use a few of them today!

 the little ones 

Happy Siblings!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I have *loved* these photos every day thanks to the diligent dedication of our cousin Monica. And we're going to get to *see* these peeps! So soon! You already are!

Welcome to the Least Coast, Jacquie. Have a great time today and I'll see your sparkly linebacker arse tomorrow.

Love you Big!!



Beth said...

I read this and the post from today in backward order, but it worked well!!

Amazing how time marches on. And on.

Sounds like a truly fabulous weekend!