Friday, June 10, 2016

boston hodgepodge

I have some random Boston photos that I'm not ready to put away. How 'bout a Boston Friday Hodgus-Podgus?

With no particular rhyme nor reason:

lovely MB, holding court in the castle 

We took a field trip to the state line for.. um. provisions. How can there be no tax? I thought New Hampshire was still 'merica.


When Jane arrived, she texted "where you at" and I sent her this in response. Auntie Gin was such a hero  with the fun, free, informative rides into the city

juxtaposed ahr-catect-cha

so Boston

GW's horse was eyeballing me

Boston is sure 'merica. Especially on Memorial Day weekend
shortly after reuniting with our Janey girl

and then later that night....cousins and CLAAAAMMMMSSSS

This was just after Jane proposed marriage to a 7-11 clerk
I love these shots that Mykle took, even though he called us bad names

I call it "brilliance by the bay"


sent this to mom to gloat that we had Uncle Brian

then she showed up with a bunch of hoodlums

My favorite guest at the after party

I guess these two were okay too

stopped in for a visit with this dude on the way out of town. What's he watching over?

oooohhhhhh. well done, dude.

somewhere in that darkness are my lovely cousins

Bye Boston. It was really really really really fun.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh that trip was so grand, wasn't it?

I'm trying very hard not to seethe with jealousy at those Legal Harborside photos . . . because we did finally make it to Harpoon Brewery! The photo proves it!

You did yourself righteous making the trip, Jay-queline. All those cousins and siblings and aunties and elusive uncles. What a crew. Aren't we lucky?

Thanks, as they say, for the memories . . .


Beth said...

You are very very very lucky! That you have such a large and loving family and that you all know all really really really really [know how to have] fun.