Wednesday, June 15, 2016


So my man Aq and I have found a remedy for challenging days, which lately seem to come on Tuesdays.

A few weeks ago, one of the guys I was partnering with at The House of Yogi let us know he had to move in a different direction. It 's all ok, and I get it, of course, but it made me sad. He's a great guy that was doing a lot of terrific work for the studios. I will miss him!!

So when Aq showed up that night after band practice, he sensed that I needed to get out for a drink. It was already 9:30 pm on a Tuesday, so we decided on the closest bar that we knew would be open. We decided some shuffle board might make things better. Wouldn't you know it? The shuffle board table was taken. So we peeked in next door. We were surprised to see the place was hopping. We sat down at the bar and low and behold -- better than shuffle board -- there was bar bingo. We were just in time for the last game.

We sipped our drinks and concentrated on those bingo boards and then BINGO! yelled Aq. First time players, and already winners.

Free drinks and a crown for the winnah!

He's so happy his eyes are crossed!

Skip to last night, also a Tuesday night. Not a great day for me again. Turns out there is a gas leak at my house. The neighbor's contractors smelled gas, this information was relayed to me, I called out SDG&E and before you know it, well, the gas was shut down and this was slapped on my front door.

No hot water, or gas range, or washer and dryer use for you, suckahs!! 
Not until you hire a plumber, he pulls a permit from the city, replaces your house's old rusty pipes, calls the inspector out, passes the inspection, who then relays passed inspection status to the city/SDG&E and the house is officially deemed safe and worthy enough to once again enjoy natural gas.

If all goes well, it's going to cost me 2k. If all doesn't go well, it involves three times as much money and making holes in numerous walls.....

But, thankfully, as I already mentioned, it was a Tuesday.

This time we arrived right at the start of Bingo, and lookie who won the first game.

That's right. Me! A crown and drink for the winnah!

There's really not much a BINGO crown can't fix.


jacquie said...

You win the cutest winner award for sure! No offense to Aq of course, he's precious too. What bar is this? I want to come. My mom always hated Tuesdays. Can't believe your household shitstorm, I'm sorry honey pie.



Glad it's Thursday in Central PA said...

a crown makes any shitty day of the week better!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

You are beyond adorable! You look great in a crown -- royalty in a previous -- or future -- life?

Sorry about your gas woes. That is some crappy news to take. Youch.

Good luck, and when you feel low, just start humming your favorite tune . . .

"There WAS a farmer had a dog . . . "


Beth said...

Good point, Ellie. I can hum that tune any old time things get challenging. Brilliant!

Jacquie, it's Sessions, on Catalina. You should meet us there some Tuesday night! $ mules, great beer selection and good food too. ;) win, win, win, and maybe win the crown too.


Beth said...

$5 mules

Pat said...

OMG...I had no idea! So sorry. And I hope for the best. How are you all dong without shower etc?
Love, Mom