Monday, June 6, 2016

Progress, Being Made

Where were we?

Ah, yes. The Field.

Things are growing and changing and becoming green and growing much, much bigger and much, much more difficult to trim and cut and clear.

It's true. Wifi under the tree. Seriously.

Big Cacti came out for the summer and can't even beLIEVE his new friend.

But anyway. Progress. Let's get back to Progress. Progress is Being Made.

Jonny came down in the hopes of going to the beach, got one look at those posts, and that was the end of that.

"You put him to work??" my friends asked?

"Have you met him?" I replied.

Look what this kid did . . .

Those posts go down three feet . . .

. . . and he got two of them out.

He's kind of an awesome superstar.

Smile, you two.

Pretty, honey.

Gorgeous, even.

But then! Sunday arrived and Mistah got right out there into that Field of ours to plant . . . .

. . . a blueberry bush.

Who doesn't love blueberries?

Nobody, that's who.

Would you look at that?

Would you *look* at our blueberry bush?

This, my people, is what they call Progress. Being made.


Beth said...

For some reason I cannot see the photos in the larger view?! What up with that? I want to see them bigger. BIGGER! I want the progress close up!

It really is so exciting that you all have so much land! With wifi, and less and less posts. Yay for Jonny! And Mistah. And blueberries.


jacquie said...

It's all so lovely and lush! Thanks for the gratuitous nudity, too - looking good, Jonnie! Can't wait to frolic in the wifi splendor.