Monday, October 31, 2016

Magical Tree Elves

On Saturday morning, magical elves brought us trees.

They texted from an hour away, and told us they were on their way with these:


Where is the photo of the magical elves, you ask? Well, let me ask you this: have you ever seen a photo of a magical elf?

No. No, you have not.

They were magical, and they were elves, and they brought us trees.

Which meant, therefore, that we then needed to plant them.

So after Buzzie and Tyler left, that's exactly what we did.

Good spot, right?  I mean, how hard can it be?

Oh, it can be hard . . .

. . . because we chose the spot in The Field with ALL the rocks.

Oh, the Rocks.

I built a wall of The Rocks that came out of that one hole . . .

. . . I thought it a lovely wall but Mistah is not into straight lines and moved the rocks to make a Bettah Wall.

And we found lots of treasures.

It took all day. All day. Because it was the spot with ALL the rocks and all the treasures . . .  

. . . but then there it was . . .

. . . our new tree.

Adorable, right?

Oh but wait . . .

. . . there are more.

Sunday came, and it was time to get back to arboring, and this time? The dirt was like buttah. We chose a spot made of dirt instead of rocks.

Whaddaya think, Schleck?

That's the universal body language for, "We'll see, I guess?"

I forgot to take a photo of the crater in the ground because Mistah filled it in so quickly . . .

Mumsie and I were an enthusiastic and opinionated peanut gallery . . .

. . . and Mistah put on a really good show.

Off she goes! Mumsie  On The Move.

The shot for Prosperity. Posteriority. Posterity.

Thank you, Magical Tree Elves!

Two down, seven to go . . .


Laura Light said...

Cutest trees evah!!!!!!

Beth said...

Suupa cute!

As are all of you all. Mumsie and Ellie and Mistah, working and watching and moving.

Can't wait for the after shots. You know, the ones for Prosperity. Posteriority. Posterity.


Bulb planter in Central PA said...

I hope those Cali girls of yours took notice of your weekend wardrobe...bare legs and no shoes! I'm going to miss this lovely unseasonably warm weather we've been having around these parts.

Jacquie said...

How very lovely and exciting! Can't wait to see the kids grow up and transform the field.