Monday, October 17, 2016

These Two

These two.

Want to know how they got to here?:

Well, it all started here . . .

. . . Yes, most things start with Bruce combing his boy's hair . . .

. . . and tying his boy's shoes . . .

The shoes!

Oh, the handsomeness.

Ready for the Big Day, guys?

"Why are we going in here?"

"Because Daddy's thirsty."

Bruce's boys are a great team. Oh those brothers . . .

. . . and the brothers' brothers? What a delightful crew.

I know, I know, they can't help themselves; they're engineers.

And then!

Photography at the ceremony itself was verboten. Officially. But Mistah snuck a last one in before It All Started . . .

Bruce and I had fun waiting under the cupola together -- and by "fun" I mean freaking out while watching 160 people descend upon us. "I wondered what 160 would look like in here." "Dude, they're still pouring in."

And then?


Do you? I do. 

Will you? I will.

By the power of your love . . .

. . . because you are so deeply and vastly awesome . . .

. . . you may kiss The Groom.

Cue: angels singing

Can you see everybody? All three kids, back there behind Bruce and Teresa. And me breathing a gigantic sigh of relief. And the 160 peeps on the other side of the camera.

And then?


Neighbors . . .

. . . Short-Timers . . .

. . . just too gorgeous . . .

. . . all of them . . .

 . . . . deeply, fabulously gorgeous.

 And Deedee was brilliant . . .

 Plus? Her shoes.

We were an exuberant bunch.

We exude exuberance.

 The Flowers . . .

 The Room . . .

. . . The Hair.

Let's Go Mets!

These kids. They've been friends forevah. They are the kids in the world who make you happy that there are kids in the world.

And then . . . 


Waiting all night long for that cake.

And toasts!

Doug hit it out of the ballpark.

These two. I mean, seriously. Can you stand how stunning?

We do not condone smoking here at M&Y&E . . .

. . . but we appreciate it when it makes for cool Full Moon photos.

And then the dancing. The Dancing!

And the Greek Dancing.

George led the way . . .

. . . and Mistah had Fun With Photography . . .

. . . he does that.

But all night, the whole time, it was about these two . . .

 Doesn't this remind you of that Renoir?

I know; me too.

Except Teresa has better shoes.

The Bride and the Groom's parents were spectacular -- all still with us, all still with eachother, all still happy . . .  and all not in any of these photos. But they played a crucial and gorgeous part in the proceedings. I adore them all.

Plus Bruce's lovely Lebanese Dad reminds me of -- go figure -- my lovely Lebanese Dad.

And then . . .

 . . . the night was over . . .

 . . . Oh wait! Not quite yet.

There is a reason uber was invented.

It was beautiful. It was epic. It was perfect.

Thank you, Bruce and Teresa.

May I repeat? May you enjoy a long, happy, beautiful, married life together.

Love you both. Big.


Beth said...

Wow! SO much gorgeous all in one post. Such a stunning couple - and those kids! And the venue. And, yes, the flowers. Beautiful wedding.

I think you may have minimized your role in the event though, E! I would very much like more details, please. (The purple whatdoyoucallit around your neck is bad ass.)

I would also like to know Mistah's secret for the photo-that-looks-like-a-drawing. Name of program/app please. Thankyouverymuch.



Jacquie said...

This is just gorgeous, all of it! Love all those lovely lovahs. Well done, sister!


mom said...

Beautiful post Ellie, of beautiful people, and of course you did a beautiful job officiating... Love it...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Beth, Mistah does Fun With Photography right on his camera with the "effects" control -- this one is called pencil sketch. Cool right?

But you can have Fun with Photography after the fact too -- download Picassa for free. Mistah loves it.


And p.s. Thank you! And look familiar?: