Friday, November 3, 2017

don't believe a word I say

Maybe I secretly like Halloween? I don't think that I do. And yet I keep talking about it. Maybe I need to get a life. I have unfinished business, though:

First of all:

It was 2015. Isn't she gorge? I could never pull off that lipstick.
I got nuthin from 2016, but it was a weird time for us, having just embarked on the new normal, and then the whole world went sideways on election day. Wait, let me make sure. 

homigod. I did publish a Halloween post last year! It's phenomenal.


Photo Friday: self portrait

Meet the newest member of our Halloween family:

Isn't she lovely?
At 3:51am, no less. Geez, I was having a moment back then. We are totally well adjusted now, look:


Punkin Seeds!
I love roasting pumpkin seeds. I love sorting through the guts to separate seed from pulp. I love the smell of them roasting, I love choosing seasonings and flavor profiles and wine pairings. The whole process gives me joy. 

Sweet and savory
The sweet ones taste like churros with the cinnamonny sugar sensation. The savory are for the pure with just oil and salt. Yum. The one thing I never really do with pumpkin seeds is eat them. I'll throw them into my salad for a few days until I forget, then I'll yell at everyone when they've been sitting on the counter for a month and I'll finally throw them away sometime around Thanksgiving.

Finally, Halloween night arrived! I stopped for candy and other necessities on my way home from work

Our first trick or treater took me by surprise, he was like 18 inches tall and dressed as Davy Crocket. It was still light out. I thought it would be a slow night, falling on a Tuesday

An hour later:

People still pounded on the door! The noive.
And then it was November, and all that was left of Halloween were the empty, soulless gourds:

So gross. 

Of course, the decorations will stay up until I reach the brink of madness. It was a mixed bag of 

The battery operated votive candle was shoved in through this guy's eyehole, so he continues to sparkle

Tree demon, loose bones, spiderwebs, and little orange lights wrapped around the trunk

The witch legs were a new addition this year. I think they add a touch of whimsy and a nice pop of color to the otherwise drab unearthed grave area

High security lights for our safety and protection

The crypt garage keeper
And what's that over yonder on the other security light?

Um....... nerd demon?
Totally well adjusted in 2017

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Me, You, or Ellie said...

I am so deeply and utterly impressed with your decorations -- it makes my heart so happy that your chitlins are still into that.

And "I think they add a touch of whimsy and a nice pop of color to the otherwise drab unearthed grave area"? You funny.

I can't believe you buy sour patch candy for your trick-or-treaters. I'm surprised that they don't egg your house and TP your trees whilst they're pounding desperately and fruitlessly on your door . . .

The only thing that would make this post even better is a photo of the 18" tall Davey Crocket. I die.

Nice one, secret Halloween Lovah!