Thursday, November 23, 2017

selfless selfie seshes

We're here on the east coast with our peeps! MY peeps! It's been a busy and eventful adventure, with an accompanying merv-esque plethora of photo fodder from which to eek a selection for sharing with y'all. I've decided to focus on the selfie series! Presented with minimal commentary because, you know, it's all still happening!

NYC central park

Castle-y castle

Why's my face crooked?

Sometimes the selfie is imperfect. Like when one's head is  lost in a halo

So we block it with a taller head

Staten Islaaaaaaaaand!

Coldies, but the last ones standing outside

Sometimes one doesn't quite know where to look, even in Times Square

\Nailed it with my crooked eyes in grand central, though

Onward to Connecticut, and \horseshoe selfies at the dawn of my birfday!

Sometimes we pose heroically when making it to the\Packy at 5:58 on a Sunday. In Connecticut.

Onward to \New London, and a fantastical adventure to a big ass castle in the wind

\Dar's dat wind

Look what some folks did with dat wind!

It was amazing. Fantastical.

This is one of my favorites. \Bad coffee, good spot.

Final destination (thus far),  Southport!

Happy Thanksgiving, Selfs!


Clara Kennedy said...

Love this and you!

Clara and Aunt Ellie

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love this and you, too! I am very impressed with your selfie prow-ass, especially those long shots. Brill!

You sure do get around, sistah. And it sure is great having you around. Stay for another few weeks?

Love you, schnook.
Aunt Ellie

mom said...

it's been an awesome week, don't leave me!!!!
love the selfies...

Beth said...

Look at your selfie selves. So windy and happy and up close!