Friday, November 10, 2017

rise up

So I got a standing desk this week! It's very exciting. I feel quite smug and smart and revolutionary. The whole process has been a boost to recent workplace doldrums, because the desk I had in my office was a literal behemoth. LITERAL.

Wait, wtf even is a behemoth?

Please hold......

behold, the Behemoth aka my former desk

Okay, that was distracting. What da? Let's move on. Look at that belly, though! It's like looking in the mirror.

Anyway. In order to rid myself of the Behemoth, I had some decluttering to do. I spent entire days going through really important papers, like parent letters I'd typed out in 1988, back when my signature still had little curly cues on the fringe. I was dogged and relentless. I filled bin after bin with recyclables, and gleefully discarded decades of uselessness. It felt great!

My standing desk arrived on Wednesday as scheduled. I dug through the hastily assembled containers which held items that had passed the brutal screening process to be deemed still necessary, found all of my computer parts, and put my shit back together.

5 minutes later, I logged on and got caught up on the half day I'd been unplugged (the very day we were discussing our thanksgiving menu! rude.), and got busy with my standing up work. Yay!

5 minutes later, I shifted positions.

5 minutes later, I stretched.

5 minute later, I sat down and ordered one of these

Hahahahahah just kidding. Or as Clara would say "jay kay, el oh el".

I did, however, read up a little. I learned that I need some class of anti fatigue mat and a footstool, I should wear good shoes and squeeze my butt cheeks, and I should work up to longer stretches with walks and sits at regular intervals.

It's a brave new world. I'll rise up, in spite of the ache. 


Me, You, or Ellie said...

May I say? That sound absolutely horrifying. Not squeezing your butt cheeks, mind you, but standing up at work WHEN YOU COULD BE SITTING DOWN.

Sorry for yelling.

The sitting and walking sound good. And the anti-fatigue mat sounds heavenly. THERE''S A MAT THAT PREVENTS FATIGUE? Sorry for yelling. But sign me up.

Well, schnookuns, you obviously got this contraption for a reason, and I hope that it proves itself to be worthy of the present ache.

But I think you may be on to something with the whole lying-down-at-work-thing ...

Not even jay kay, el oh el.

Love you!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

p.s. The behemoth is my new favorite thibg ever.


Jacquie said...

Well it's a thing, ya know? Sitting on one's arse all the day is unbeneficial. It just take a little getting used to, apparently. the ache is totally temporary (and that and the title are hamilton lyrics)!

ps: hi! thanks for always commenting. See you next week!


mom said...

Good for you Jacquie, I'd never make it standing up all the day, but I'm sure you'll love it.
love you......