Friday, December 22, 2017

Rhode Island Wrap Up

What a month, man! I have a few tidbits that simply must be shared from the 2nd east coast visit I took in November. Indulge me? Tanks. 

I had about a week in between trips, which was plenty of time to regroup and repack and catch up on various mundane obligations like work and whooping cough. Then suddenly I was heading back, and enjoyed a last supper with my kids at our favorite Indian restaurant:

Imagine my fury to come home 6 days later and find their leftover biryani and masala still uneaten in the fridge! Jerks. My vindaloo (pictured) was history, natch. 
I had to say a sad goodbye to my boy and all of my girls, two of whom were slightly less than understanding about the premature reappearance of suitcases. 

Let's have a closer look at those faces

*right in the gut*
Fast forward an easy, kid-free flight with an early landing in Boston, a reunion with my fellow littles, and a highly entertaining lyft ride to the house of memories on Hillcrest Road, where almost all 12 little children had grown up perfectly equal in the eyes of  Santa.  

We had a great night visiting with all the best cousins, then we were up and out and en route to Rhode Island for the gathering of family in honor of Auntie Lill. 

But first, founding fathers.
Jane had arranged a gorgeous castle to house our whole crew, located just past the trailer park on a lovely lake in Warwick. We got right to work reconnecting
Hi Mar! Hi Schlekie! You guys feeling alright?

I'll take that as a resounding yes. 
The house was chock full of fabulous and unexpected spaces, like the lighthouse and the pool hall. 

The slipper rule was strictly adhered to

The bar! Hi Ann! Hi Stella!
There was a gorgeous lake just outside our windows, which was so lovely and appreciated. It's good to have water in your eyeballs when you're feeling the feelings, isn't it? 


This room got toasty warm whenever the sun showed up
We had lots of laughs and hugs and songs and snacks and memories to share. Auntie Lill was omnipresent in our thoughts and in the minds of those speaking at the service. Photos were strewn on tables and in frames. The memories were tangible. 

And then, we sent the old girl off

Ellie did a great job with everything, including the welcoming remarks. Hi El!
Then we retired to the Cowesett Inn for the loveliest luncheon!

I had several beverages

Ellie continued to hold court in the most adorable, enthusiastic, genuine and joyful way.

Carole showed us photos of a hoarder house, which was an unexpected treat
When it was time to go, Ellie and Bill and I stayed back for one more cold one, and for a bit of debriefing. Eventually we gathered our wits enough to head home, but stopped in our tracks for the world's best photo backdrop

I mean, c'mon

We had another wonderful night at the lakeside house, with visitors large and small, love and laughter and afterglow, and so much food.

And then it was over, and everyone set off on their journeys back to their respective corners of the world.

bye, kids!

bye, Rhode Island (hello rad luggage)

Hello and goodbye, stupid snow storm

Hello lifesaving airport luncheon

Stupid scary snowstorm

Is that absolutely necessary?
Thankfully, there are people whose whole job is to get peeps safely back and forth across the country, even in questionable weather. Turns out the decision isn't mine, nor is the responsibility for flying that fool plane. So I just sat back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed my upgrade

home, please. 

And that's Rhode Island, wrapped up. 
Merry Christmas, everyone!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love reliving the visit and re-feeling the feelings. And your photos are great! They're so thorough and so specific at the same time. It feels very deeply that I am entirely there again.

But dude, a LAKE? Where did you think you were, Minnesota? That, my little feathered friend, is the beautiful Greenwich Bay, which flows into the world-famous Narragansett Bay, which flows into the Mighty Atlantic Ocean. We could have left the house, jumped into the water, and swum to England. Or canoed.

Thanks for the delightful wrap-up. And two weeks have passed -- when do you arrive for your next bi-monthly visit? I for one love that new tradition.


p.s. Don't MB and Schleckie seem overly -- and sadly -- earth-bound to you?

Jacquie said...

Rhode Island, Minnesota, tomato, tomahto. It's all just not-ocean to me. but so very lovely to behold! Next time I'll race you to England.