Monday, March 5, 2018

Bye Week

You know how in football every week a team gets the week off -- they get a bye week? Like, "bye-bye, we're off this week"? Or something?

Yeah, me neither. I don't know anything about football. I like other ball sports, and come from a ball sports family, but I never got the football bug. I'm kind of like those Jeopardy contestants I heard about at length the other day -- the episode when not one of any of them could answer one single solitary question about football?

They probably wouldn't know what a bye week is either. Dummies.

Anyway, I'm taking a bye week. I'm giving myself Special Dispensation. I'm kind of like the Pope. The Pontiff. Giving myself the week off.

Because I have everything, but I have nothing. I have one million things on my mind, but I can't even get one photo to load up. I love this Universe of ours, but it's not cooperating with me. Or my start-up disk.

So I'm taking a bye. A bye-bye. Bye-bye to all the things rattling around in my fool head and hello to  . . .

. . . loppers.

Well, hello to loppers after today's snow melts . . .

Enjoy the bye. And hey, if you need a bye, let me know: I'm dispensing them this week.


briefly escaped from Central PA said...

so sorry about the split pear tree...Mother Nature needs to lighten up!

Jacquie said...

buh-BYE, it's good to take a break sometimes. Love you, sister