Friday, March 9, 2018

just a little Italy

After a harrowing ordeal involving mass quantities of snow and a spark igniting felled tree, my mom and my God mom prevailed over all challenges to arrive in San Diego yesterday morning!

Look who's tall! That's a first
It is such a delightful treat to  have these two lovelies in town. We found a super deal on a new hotel in a fun neighborhood, and it seemed only natural to host our favorite Little Italian person in the heart of Little Italy! Here are just a few photos from our first night together, featuring more food than faces just like in Big Italy.

Amaretto on the rocks!

Cheer up, man/boy, your pasta is en route

cutie corner

I wanted to marry my tortellini and have its babies

Mom can't resist a side of mashies. Imagine! (They were yum) James' bolognese in the background

Joan's gnocchi, Clara's pesto, Meg's spinach filled gnocchi (an abomination, according to Mrs C)

oh look, faces AND the food that will go into them

Yay! I'm sorry to say that this is the best of the group shots. We'll do better tonight 

Next stop: Mexico

1 comment:

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love that favorite Little Italian person! And her gal pal El. What a treat for you all! I have been avidly and eagerly following your tales of adventure from Sandy Eggo -- What a Time you're having!

Those are some cute faces. And some cute food. And I would love some of that spinach filled gnocchi, precisely to see the reaction of our favorite Little Italian person -- ab abomination!

Can't wait for the next installment.

Love youse!!