Friday, March 2, 2018

uncle merv's sister weekend

I totally forgot to post last Friday, sorry bout that! I was out and about in the world with my sisters! It started with just two of us, but  we proved to Jane that we wouldn't  have any fun at all until we became three.

behold the not fun
Julie and I met up earlier in the day to "help" Colleen & Brenton pack and I took advantage of the opportunity to show off my mad pull up skills. 

I pulled soooo hard

When it became clear that our presence was adding a fun but unproductive twist to a day that required complete attention to detail, we hightailed it over to Hollywood for our first night-o-fun.

We got to the hotel and made quick work of the obligatory room change, because it's gotta be about the view and the feng shui and all that shit. When we got to the better room, we were excited to find that we not only had the promised Capital Records city view, but we could see the hollywood sign to boot!

Not quite visible in photos, though, even with a helpful pointing finger

See it yet?

Dare ya go. 
The other direction was stunning too. Apparently one of those buildings is Capital Records. 

We had a grand and delicious dinner and were finally joined by our lovely Janey girl, with the bonus lovebirds. I don't have photos of all that, here look at Jane's. Sigh, don't you love Jane? Don't you love chicken picatta? I do. 

Anyway, back to the bad photos. Exhibit A:

There's so much to not understand about this photo. Why the face? where's Jane trying to go? 

We were there about 18 hours, including sleep.

In the morning I ventured out on an epic journey to find the car, and came across some exciting Oscar preparations!


Then we drove up to Santa Barbara, directly to a very cool wine cellar with very interesting things happening that involved barrels. 

We took sooo many group selfies. Staggering. But everything kept being so great and fun and we're so cuuuuuute!

also thirsty

Also willowy 

also dork

After the first wine tasting we headed to our pretty hotel. I parked the car while my grlz headed up to the room. When I joined them, they had already initiated summit talks to get us moved. Oceanfront does not include a vast dirt filled construction site in the foreground, sir! An unsatisfactory alternative was offered, which we rejected at first because although we love each other deeply, 3 in a bed is a bit  much. But then we wavered, and Julie said she'd sleep in the middle*, so I was nominated to call back and say we'd be willing to at least look at the other option. Imagine my chagrin at being told that we could not have the  alternate room because of some hoity toity nerd fire code! There were no other rooms that could accommodate 3, except the penthouse suite, hahahahahah. My immediate response was to say oh, there's only two of us! But then I remembered our ignorant honesty at paying the 3rd person charge on our room rate. Balls. Nevertheless, I persisted. My theory in these situations is to be really nice, but let a little hint of your exasperation creep in. Assume that something can be done, and talk as if something MUST be done. I sadly shared my disappointment and hinted at relocating to another hotel, but did  you say something about a suite? I was asked to call back in 15 minutes. Meanwhile, we went to lunch.

*It's good that this was not our fate, because Julie demands to be wrapped in cloud bedding and steals all the pillows 

gratuitous hair shot - see mom, it's getting lighter! Wait is that me or Julie?

The Goddess Jane soaking up some vitamin D while Julie tramples the birds of paradise

And then, my best friend at the front desk called with the happy news that there was indeed a vacant suite, the penthouse suite, and we were welcome to it at no additional charge.


The property was so pretty, we enjoyed pool time


poorly executed self timer photos

and laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs


What a weekend. What a family. What a place. thanks Jules and Janey, you my bitches. 

This is how assholes play Jenga

That tub

That breakfast

Those penguins
That room

Eventually, it had to end. 

And I had to go home to my other girls, who missed me. 


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, man. That room. That is one *hell* of a room. Well done, you! I wish I was more like you. You know: Brave. And really nice, but with a little hint of exasperation creeping in . . .

*Sigh*. #belikejacquie

This is a really great post. And you three are really adorable. And beautiful. And willowy. With good hair. If you were a really excellent photographist too, I'd have to off myself.

Thanks for sharing. I can't believe you get to be in California all the day . . . Beautiful *and* smart.

Love you, schnooks.

Oh wait! What about the asterisk?! Way to leave us hanging, yo!


Jacquie said...

updated with footnote, editing, and a bonus photo of my pull up


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Dare ya go! (Your girls says that, too, yaknow. I adore.)

Excellent footnote, editing, and the pull up photo just pulls it all together.

Thank you!

Jane Corey Holt said...

Homigod I'm so blissed out reading this! There are so many things I had forgotten, like asshole jenga. and the self timers. lolol all the day. love you SO MUCH! It was epic. xoxoxoxo