Monday, July 23, 2018

Big Cac Is Back

It was time.

Poor ol' Big Cacti has been busting out of his home for years -- he grew, and his roots grew, but his pot just never did. So he was terribly root-bound, and rain pooled atop his sad silly pot, and cacti can handle water, certainly, but they do not need to bleedin' soak in it like they're water lillies.

They're Cacti, for the luvva pete's sake.

Big Cacti was not looking well. It was time to go in.

We prepared a surgical theater . . .

. . . and we tilted Big Cacti right down upon the operating table.

And then we freaked out because we remembered we're not surgeons.

But those roots needed to go somewhere . . . and we found the perfect somewhere for them . . .

. . . a new gigantic pot for Big Cacti.

Which he borrowed from his friend arborvitae.

Big Cacti has become a gigantic cactus.

Remember when he was a kid?

I'm talking about Big Cacti, not Mistah . .  .

. . . but, yeah . . .

. . . we were all kids.

But, in the immortal words of Inspector Clouseau? Not anymore.

But who has time to be a kid when surgical success is at stake? Not us, that's who.

Big Cacti survived his procedure, got a nice new coat of rocks, and we are pleased and proud to announce . . .

. . . Big Cac Is Back.

 And his friend Cacti Corey's not doing half-bad herself.

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Kristin said...

You absolutely amaze awesome the two of you are!!!!