Monday, July 9, 2018

Home Improvisation

We had a Big Plan.

We had a tree that was in a pot in front of the house when we bought the place and moved in ten years ago -- I know! -- and everything was just absolutely fine, but then we planted a Rose of Sharon and it kind of took off . . .

. . . it "kind of" took off.

The poor ol' original tree, in its poor ol' original pot, was lolling about back there behind Rosie. And he really was lolling . . . and by "lolling" I mean "rolling": he kept falling over.

It took three people, a rubber mallet, and a kitchen knife to get him out, but get him out we did.

Here's here he was.

I'm sorry; I'm a terrible photographist. But Mistah was busy shoveling and digging and replanting and being generally Of The Earth and for the love of pete's sake I was not going to interrupt that.

And we didit. We got him out of its old pot -- nay, pots; there were two, one inside the other; go figure -- we transplanted him, we gave him his shiny new home . . .

. . . shiny new home

And Hsinny came over and said, "The arborvitae looks great!"

Um . . . what???

Yeah. It's an arborvitae. Not quite as exotic and unique a tree as we thought. But man does he look great. In his pot. Directly across the street from all his relatives who live for FREE in the GROUND.

But not our arborvitae, oh no. Our arborvitae has class. Our arborvitae pays for his lodgings. No wait a minute. No, he doesn't. We do.

That's how Home Improvisation goes around here . . .

And speaking of which . . . wish us luck with our next project.

What could possibly go wrong?


mom said...

I can honestly say I don't know one plant from another, but your transplanted tree looks fabulous...Can't wait to see what happens to Big Cacti.....
love, mom

Kristin said...

You my friend are amazing, I have transplanted some lovely plants from Rays fathers house (that is for sale since he has passed) and they are doing beautifully (thankfully) on our side of the street now, I still have many to go from over there, perhaps you could offer some advise! Love your blog, as much as I love you! xoxoxo

Jacquie said...

looks great out there! I'm so bad at all plant related things, it's really sad. hope the cacti transplant is successful