Thursday, June 28, 2012

Drawoh Snosnhoj

On Father's Day, Mistah and I tried to recite as many of our dads' lines as we could. And if you have a dad like mine -- or like Mistah's -- that's a lot of lines. From "Walk this way" (from Young Frankenstein) to "See you in the x.l.t. (as opposed to the a.m.) to "While you're up" (when you're not) to "Silent like the p in swimming" (sorry, Mom) to "How can it was?" (from the famous poem*).

*Wait, you know the famous poem, right?

What a funny bug a frog are
Him ain't got no legs much hardly
When him walk
Him jump
When him jump
Him sit down
How can it was?
Ain't it?

Pure brilliance.

Anyway, I had reason to think about my dad's lines a few months ago when we found ourselves in Ocean City Maryland, and were looking for an off-season ocean-side hotel room, and spotted a familiar sight, a familiar logo, a familiar name . . .

Drawoh Snosnhoj!  

That's right, the one and only.

It's an old, old American brand, but man, the hotel room was all 2012.

Here was the boardwalk:

And here was the beach:

And here was the surf:

And here was the sunset:

And here was the oceanfront room:

And here was the oceanfront room in the morning, with me still in bed:

Another of my Dad's lines: "Who would have thunk it?"

Drawoh Snosnjoh, or, as your non-backwards-spellers like to call it, Howard Johnsons, 2012-style.

Dad would have loved it.


John Swinburn said...

Nhoj Nrubniws thinks that's brilliant.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ha! Funny post, El.

I spent many a summer in Ocean City, Maryland, but never, ever did I stay in the Drawoh Snoahhoj!!


backwords reader in Central PA said...

I don't think I've ever seen OC, MD so serene and quiet...and I spent 4 1/2 summers there. Thanks for sharing something I've never experienced in a place I've experienced quite a bit! great pictures and great advertisement for HoJos. Hope you got a beer at Shenanigan's Irish Pub, 4th St and the boards...great place to waitress, great place to grab a drink.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love, love, love. Did you plan gnip gnop?