Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekend 3-Way

We are going to play with the weekend format a bit,

just for kicks and giggles.

Today we will post a question

and then each of us will write an answer.

Fans and faithful readers,

we challenge YOU to answer the question as well!

Do so in the comments section.

There are no wrong answers.

Unless it's stupid.

But no pressure.

Here is the question:

If tomorrow was yesterday,

would you do it the same?


Okay, so this whole thing was my idea and I picked this question from a list we had going because I had a few things to say about yesterday. It was supposed to be a great day, the day I carried out my final act as a graduate student (or a student of any sort other than generally of life). But alas and alack, it was a fantastically poopy day. The thing, though, is that I don’t think anything I did made the day more or less poopy, it was all because of them - the jackasses. Let’s not get into it, shall we? If I can’t resolve my issues around Friday through personal reflection and buckets of beer, I’ll write a real-type post about it on Monday. For now, for the weekend 3-way, and for the purposes of answering the question that I demanded we ask before the tedium of this introduction causes you to collapse face first onto your keyboard, I will say:




Because I would do all the things that I did yesterday, but I would do them like the Buddha, with calm, quiet wisdom, and the peaceful understanding that all of the crap that the jackasses tossed my way yesterday? That was the small stuff, and if I had yesterday to do over, I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

Now today? Let's just say that although I made it to the gym for an 8:30 kickboxing class, the instructor did not (jackass), and I had to use the treadmill. Need I remind you?

The beach is calling me.


Ellie here:

"If tomorrow was yesterday..." is that the question? Because somehow earlier I read it as, "If today was yesterday..."

Okay. If tomorrow was yesterday. If Sunday was Friday. Oh wait a minute. I get it. I get why I don't get it. I don't get it because I drank too much wine yesterday. Friday. And it's muddled my already-addled mind. So if tomorrow were yesterday, I'd drink less wine. Then I'd be better prepared to drink more wine tonight. Saturday. The night of the Big Party.

Everything else I'd do the same, especially the bike ride. Maybe I'd do that twice.

Okay. I'd do the bike ride twice and drink less wine.

The End.

Beth here:

Thank you, Ellie, laying it out as if Sunday (which is now today, because I’m a lagger) were Friday makes it much more clear in my mind……

It seems like a long time ago now, but, no, I would not do Friday the same way if I were to do it again (today). Mostly because I got really bitchy with a woman who works at the wine bar at which I'm going to be celebrating my 40th birthday later this month. (The same wine bar where Me and You and Ellie was born.)

I was anxious to send out the Evite for the soiree, but wanted to quickly double check that all was in order before I hit send. I also wanted to make sure it was okay to have a henna tattoo artist come out and practice her art on me and my friends. (A grown up version of face painting, if you will – ‘cause I knew they’d never go for the bouncy.)

Well, it turns out that, no, henna tattoos are strictly forbidden, some lame excuse about health and safety. “But they’re not real tattoos!” I exclaimed. Yes, she knew what henna tattoos were, but the answer was still no way.

Harumph. This pissed my off. Okay, I tried to let it go, and moved on to the next question…."The room’s reserved, the deposit been received?"I asked. Well, again, no. My name was penciled in, but no deposit or contract had been received. Lucky for me I had the fax I’d sent two weeks earlier sitting in front of me. The sticky I’d affixed to the fax read: April 23, 12:25 PM. (sometimes it pays to be anal).

She was unimpressed, the fact remained they did not have the fax and they did not have the deposit. This pissed me off some more, but I begrudgingly agreed to re-fax the contract/deposit. My tone at this point was not especially friendly.

Of course I had to call back after I re-faxed, to double check that they’d received it. It was Laura who again picked up the phone. She did not sound happy to hear from me. “Yes, yes, the fax is in my hand.”

I hang up, stew a bit about poor customer service, then remember I forgot to ask one final question. I call back. Laura answers (again!). “So who do I meet with prior to the party to pick wines, the menu, etc.?” I inquire.

You probably see where this is going, right?…… “Me.” Laura replies. “I’ll be overseeing your party.”

Well happy birthday to me!


Rita.the.bookworm said...

EXACTLY the same? No. If tomorrow were yesterday, then I would stop at the ATM, take out $20 and send my son into the movie theater to get the popcorn while I buy the Iron Man tickets (on debit card, like I did yesterday).

That way, when he spots his group of friends and abandons me to sit with them, I will still have enough time enough to find a really excellent seat for myself and not have to spend the movie next to a little girl who is bored and whines and picks at her shoes the whole time. But, that's all I'd change.

Jacquie said...

Hi Rita! Thanks for checking us out! How was the movie? I think Robert Downey Jr. might be on my 'freebies' list - he's yummy.

Rita.the.bookworm said...

It was good. He was delicious. I posted alllll about it on my blog ;-)

Missy Kroeger said...

Well, I must say that you, me and Ellie are all incredibly brilliant and clever. Yes, I've read the entire blog (instead of preparing some delicious Sunday breakfast - hey about some yummy cereal?)
As for the question of the day - Yep, I'd do it the same, although my day was not my own. Teeball, soccer, magic mile, Bio Blitz...can we nap yet? Then on to Anthology for a little "Smokin' Joe" Blues music.
If you haven't checked out that venue's a must!
Enjoy your tomorrow!

Jacquie said...

Aw, don't worry about that beeeyach. We'll have your back at the big bash. Even withOUT henna tattoos. I double-dog-dare you to call and pretend you're a REAL tattoo artist and you just need to check their liability insurance ;)

So, if you had Friday to do over today, you'd be nicer to Laura?

Jacquie said...

Hey there Missy! My children are also suffering from frequent blog-neglect. It's addictive!

Sorry my comments are out of order, I'm dumb.

Ellie said...

Wait, Missy, what does this mean?: "Then on to Anthology for a little "Smokin' Joe" Blues music.
If you haven't checked out that venue's a must!" A venue as in a *place*? Like, somewhere you *go* instead of staring at a computer? Where is it?

Musings from Myopia, AKA John said...

Yes and No. And that's all I'm willing to say about the subject.

I'm from Dallas and did not know about "Smokin' Joe." Here's where Missy saw him:

Smokin' Joe Kubek
May, 3 2008 at Anthology
San Diego, California

He's not back in Dallas until December 31

By the way, Ellie, my hospitality offer stands. The "perfect" margarita awaits.

Jacquie (me) said...

I am keen to try your perfect recipe today, John (thanks alot for MY invitation). Even though it's only Cuarto de Mayo...

And Missy is so fabulous with her downtown sojourns! I was downtown on Friday night too, and it doesn't make me any less cool that I was there for my kid's elementary school music production, I was still downtown. It is such a bizarre mix down there - hare krishnas and red bull girls waiting at the crosswalk, lots of skin showing on biggish people.

Ellie said...

Hey, if you post right on John's site (, maybe he'll invite you too...
It worked for me!

Musings from Myopia, AKA John said...

OK,you're ALL invited to savor my *perfect* margarita. Forgive me, for I am old and stupid, but what are Red Bull girls? I think I know, just from context and seeing lightweight twenty-somethings try to be ├╝ber-cool, but it's not a phrase I've heard here in the backwater.

Jacquie said...

These girls were indeed young, maybe or maybe not uber cool, but they WERE sporting can-shaped backpacks from which they grabbed and tossed free Red Bull.

So, how does one do this html tag thing? I feel the need to be bold, and perhaps italicized.

Musings from Myopia, AKA John said...

Ahh, far to literal for me. Red Bull Girls. As in, they're doing work as Red Bull Demo people. Uh huh.

As for making the fancy HTML tags, it's easy. For bold, do this (without the quotation marks):
"bold...where starts bold, and ends it. For ital, do and end it with . Let's see if this works

Musings from Myopia, AKA John said...

OK, it did not work (it read my tags instead of showing them on the page). Open a tag with "<" and close it with ">". For bold, put B between the brackets; for ital, put EM between the brackets. Try that.

Musings from Myopia, AKA John said...

Oh, and there's more. To close a tag (for bold, for example), use "<" and "/" and ">"

Ellie said...

That didn't work. The < then i then > works to open the italic tag, but when I type in < then / then >, the bastid says "tag is not closed."

Ellie said...

I think I got it! I think I got it!

Ellie said...

Thanks, AKA.