Wednesday, October 19, 2011

princess hodgepodge

I wanted to share a few really bad photos with you today, because I am shifty and unlikeable. Plus, I think you're worth it. I was all set to crop this photo just to showcase the masterpiece that is my girl's spelling prowess, but then I noticed several inconsequential  uninteresting riveting details in the would-be cropped areas, and I would never intentionally deprive you of such rich blog fodder.

The list in all its glory, but also blogworthy: the Joe Cal notepad and a peek at my oh-so-blue shoes

The grocery list is sublime, though. She's 1 for 9!

smash bars (this is technically spelled correctly... but
what is it?)
wiped cream

I've rarely felt such glee as I did with each glance at that list while shopping. Ain't life grand?


Next up is a moment I captured during one of our tragically routine mornings of chaos. We are always, always, always late and on the verge of fury. The low on gas light is always illuminated. The traffic lights are always red.  The glass is always half empty. My boy had retired to his room to brush his hair and grab his shoes, yet in I walked on this spectacle:

Of particular interest: his hair! I die. Also, note the empty glass on his desk. He has a loathsome new habit of carrying around a glass full of ice cubes to crunch on. The sound track of his adolescence is the open mouthed gnawing of molars on ice cubes.  dislike.

Finally, a couple of moments from the scene of a recent get together with my lovely co-blogger Beth, and our gaggle of sisters-of-the-hair

Calling Nonnie (sp?) for her birthday from a downtown street.

Then heading to lunch at the only restaurant our girls would hear of: Beer Co
They have very fond memories of an afternoon spent haunting the deserted upstairs party room there, and of the pasta on the kids' menu. Beth and I needed alot of convincing. Turns out we should have kept our fond memories intact, because the kids' menu is now defunct and they got booted out of the party space.

That didn't stop us from having a great time, though. We had just seen a hip hop/ballet production of Alice in Wonderland. It was an unusual and highly entertaining show, made more interesting because I had watched Black Swan the previous night, and I felt that I had an uncanny insight into the certain psychosis of those ballerinas. I was on high alert for destructive scratchy nutbars. 

And that is all that I have to tell you!


Wednesday Princess


Pat said...

Boy, does that picture of your boy bring back memories.
And thanks for letting me see my Nonnikins (yes you spelled it right) calling me.

Love, Pat

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yes, what are smash bars??? So curious. I think they involve ice cream, sounds like it to me anyway ;-)

Okay, I love this: "one of our tragically routine mornings of chaos." I can so totally relate!

And boo to the Beer Co, they really are a less than mediocre establishment, are they not? Called them this morning actually to see if A's necklace ended up in their lost and found. Nope. Hope 'the spy game' was worth it, lol.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

*Love* those sisters-of-the-hair. And love your boy-of-the-hair. Who goes into his room to get his shoes and dons headphones and starts playing keyboard? Oh, wait, your boy does.

Those Joe Cal pads made it through miles and miles of travels with us -- we still have saved lists on those pads. I only wish we had your girl's -- ahem -- unique spelling upon those pads. Beats drawing mustaches upon ol' Joe Cal. Which we did, oh we did.......