Friday, June 28, 2013


"We're cousins. We're friends. Some might call us Frousins. I call us Fros."*

*(That's me quoting myself.) 

That's right . . .

. . . Fros.

Mistah and I got to hang out with some my super-awesome Fros last night, which was a gigantic, rare, awesomely huge treat . . .

. . . awesomely huge.

Aren't I lucky?

It was a love-fest, with the love focused mostly on the hugely popular S'mores.

It was a S'mores extravaganza . . .

. . . especially the marshmallow part . . .

. . . pure bliss.

But the best part was my Fros' kids got to hang out with their Fros . . .

. . . Fros, the next generation.

You think *I've* got it good, Fro-wise?

I do; Oh how I do. And so do these munchkins:

Fros for life.


Meg Butler said...

LOVE this!!!

Beth said...

Super cute!


mom said...

awesome Ellie, could they be any cuter? and their moms too... xo mon

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, those faces. All of you! Love insanely. crazy love.