Monday, February 9, 2015

31 flavors

Our household has a ridiculous amount of headbands -- 31 of them in total. Or at least that's how many are in the drawer in the bathroom, there are likely one or two lying around elsewhere.

We've got:

3 shades of yellow

7 pink ones (1 sparkly)

3 blue

2 orange (or is the 1 on the left actually apricot?)

2 purple (more aptly, 1 lavender, 1 purple)

5 black, with varying textures

But only 1 green!
 You can't really see that, can you?

Here you go -- the solo green

One bedazzled gold. I think this is my favorite.
No, really, I'm serious.

See it? 

It matches my hairs. kinda

 2 floral (in decidedly un-floral colors)

And very the best ones, the ribbons and bows!

I mean, c'mon, what was up with this look?!
And why do we still have it?

Very Alice-esqe, am I right?
Oh, actually I think her headband was plain black.
But I'm still getting that vibe.

And to round out the collection we can't forget the


and Frozen variety
SO, if you're ever in need of a headache-inducing skull clamp, in any given color or style, you know just where to come.


Anonymous said...

Oh Beth, thanks for the walk down memory lane. I recognize many of those!! :-)


Beth said...

I bet you do, Donna, I think Jacquie will too. I think it's time that we pass some of these on!


jacquie said...

That is so funny, those days seem long ago. We've moved on to the flat ironed look. You are so stinking adorable, thanks for brightening my morning with your face.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Could you *BE* more adorable? I cannot take my eyeballs off of you, or off of your bare arms. And what a cute shirt!

I'm so happy to know where to find myself a skull clamp now, should I need one.



Beth said...

I did not see your comment until right now, Ellen. And yeah, not my typical shirt. Got it at a clothes swap that very day. My 4th-round pick. Not bad for a 4th-round pick. I'm wearing pick #2 right now - loving it.

You are officially invited to my clothes swap party! Not sure when it is, but do come!