Wednesday, February 18, 2015

poor us

Last weekend was long (for some) and lovely (for me). While I had neither Friday nor Monday off (communists), the 48 hours in between those markers were simply delightful. We had some unseasonably perfect weather, and despite the peril that a Santa Ana sometimes brings, it was pretty low key and companionable.

We had a great table from which to enjoy one of these:

I only took one photo, because I said to myself: "Self, you take so many sunset photos! Just watch it." So I did.
 And from which to enjoy one of these:
A cousin! Straight from Boston! As I live and breathe. 
It was so fun and funny to connect with Kevin and his two kids, they are so exactly like my two in many ways. I hope Kev wasn't too frightened by the glimpse he got of the teenage future that awaits him.

That great table was in Mission Beach, a spectacle that must be shown to every visiting dignitary. The next day, we decided to meet in OB. Because it's better. It was another gorgeous day, clear and bright with nary a cloud in the sky. I did take one photo, but I'm not going to show it to you because it was a picture of all the butts that were lying on the beach in front of me that I sent to my friend Janet with the caption: "Look at all the butts."  It was not exactly artistic, but believe me when I tell you that it revealed, in addition to the butts, a bright blue sky.

I should have sent those butts to Kevin in an effort to hurry him along to meet us, because as it turns out, the idyllic day was about to change. The lifeguards came over the speaker, as they are wont to do, and said:  "Attention on the beach and in the water, looks like the fog is rolling in blahblahblah something something."

So we all looked out there, and sure enough a bank of fog was poised way the hell out on the horizon, inching forward toward our certain doom.

A few minutes later, I thought to grab a photo

The peeps are curious, but still lounging. Look at that guy holding his kid aloft in one hand!

Now peeps are starting to discuss the situation, as the pier is swallowed up right before our eyes. See that trio on the left? Those are the owners of the butts.

And now it's Armageddon. Except for those guys, they are playing frisbee.

And except for some crazy lunatics out in the ocean, despite their mother's emphatic waving and freezing demeanor.


Bye honey.
By the time we finally dragged her shrunken bones from the ocean, we'd been joined by Kevin and by Beth, and we had our obligatory bucket of love. 

Indoors. That's just wrong. Where are you Beth? Where's Capri? Where's Cale? DID THE FOG CONSUME EVERYONE?
Sigh. It was still fun, just not exactly what we had in mind when we planned to meet in OB to walk out on the pier and check out tidepools.

See, everyone? See? SEE HOW WE SUFFER?


Beth said...

It was a mighty quick and thick cool fog that rolled up out of no where, that's for sure. It was winter, at least for a few hours.

I love, love, love living near the ocean -- the way it can go from glorious summer-like day with peeps all about to cold, foggy deserted beach in a matter of minutes is truly awesome.

Hope Kevin was impressed. Ha. Nice to meet him and his kiddos, if only briefly.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I desperately love this. I love that Flatley family, and I miss them.

San Diego never surprises. I prefer, though, sunny photos. And buckets of love *outdoors*.

And I really wish we got to see that butt shot.