Monday, February 16, 2015


I saw the movie Birdman at The Garde on Saturday afternoon and the almighty Alejandro G. Iñárritu -- and his cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki -- have this technique where, instead of cutting from one scene to the next, the two of them have the camera pan upward to the top of a NYC building, say, or down a hall at the back of the St. James's Theater, and then the camera pans back down or around a corner, right into the next bit of action. It's so cool -- it makes it seem like the entire movie is one long take -- and it feels like real life because -- except for sleeping -- life is one long take: it just keeps going and going and going, whether you're paying attention or not. It's a Continuum.

I thought of that when I looked at the photos in our camera yesterday, looking at all the moments one (and by one I mean Mistah) captures during the course of the Continuum of this life we're living, moments along the way.

I was feeling very deep yesterday.

So! In honor of the great Continuum, let's take up where we left off last week . . .

. . . the tree, straightened out for you, Christine.

And . . . a perfectly random moment. The new, fabulous, live GGG Hank Williams tribute CD with the amaryllis Mumsie gave me for Christmas, which Mistah finally planted for me.

(Renee, spying it under our tree in December: "Did you get an onion for Christmas?")

Smoked salmon formed into a fish mold for a Mistah's-office-get-together. How much more perfect can life be?

Wait, let me answer that. Life can be more perfect . . .

. . . with new additions to The Ledgie Loo . . .

. . . can I tell you people? . . .

. . . just wait until you see the Ledgie Loo's latest incarnation. Wow.

And speaking of Ledgie, Mistah has found -- and become completely enamored of -- the weather station fixed atop ol' Ledgie Light herself, right out there at the Mouth of the Thames River, which we check on constantly. Nay, continually. And there's a live-cam from the UConn Avery Point Weather Station which one can actually steer oneself, to look around:

I know, right??!! Now we can gaze adoringly at Ledgie Light all day long.

Wait, we can do that inside our house already . . .


Finally, my favorite. This guy:

Poor Westy has been snowed in for weeks. Mistah and I are (relatively) able-bodied peoples, but various and sundry ailments have precluded us from getting Westy unearthed, and the snow keeps coming, and the temperatures keep dropping, and Westy has become frozen to her spot, poor ol' girl. Our neighbors' brother-in-law came to their house to help them dig out of the latest storm yesterday morning, and I ran out there first to thank him for digging out our car last time, and also to ask him if we could please hire him to snowblow poor Westy out of her winter misery.

I texted our neighbor:

-- I just hired your bro-in-law to snowblow the Westy out.
-- My bro-in-law?
-- He's outside your house!

They didn't even know he was out there; he was just shoveling snow without fanfare. And then he wouldn't take my money. Which just goes to show you how exactly unlike me he is.

Oh Westy. Poor you. Remember the good ol' days?

Yeah, me too. I remember them, too.

But in the meantime! Here we are. In the Continuum. And I think it's vitally important to remember these very wise words someone -- me! -- just made up:

Just because your deck is full of snow does not mean you can't enjoy a deck drink.


Beth said...

Wise, wise, wise words, Ellie.

That looks like a mighty spectacular deck drink, to be drunk inside your snug little house, while watching the bro dig ol Westy out.

Love your continuum wisdom too. It is all a continuum, now isn't it? The trick is to actually pay attention as it is happening, although looking back at moments captured is splendid as well.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love this! The salmon shaped salmon? Come on!! That's too good. You are a continuum of awesomeness. And I love any word that has two u's in a row. Makes me want to vacuum.