Monday, June 1, 2015

An Epic Sunday

I love a Sunday.

And I especially love a Sunday if it's the day after Julie and JK's wedding. Because then we've got ourselves an epic Sunday.

It started thusly:

We didn't just have a bruncheon, we had a bruncheon with Monarch butterflies released into the world . . .

 . . . and wedding couple serenading . . .

  . . . and new friends everywhere . . .

 . . . and new family everywhere . . .

 . . . and cousin love everywhere.

That's the kind of bruncheon it was.....

And then?

Well, then we embarked upon a good old-fashioned Asheville bicycle pub crawl.......

Who wouldn't want to pub crawl with these peeps?

Who wouldn't want to crawl into this pub . . .

. . . with this beer?

If you ever want to know anyting about me, ever, just look at this photo. Then you will know everything you ever want or need to know abut me. Ever.

Our crew? Epic.

Our new Asheville friends?


And all the boys who have all the Westys? Oh I think you know . . .

And the girls? Oh, the girls.

Mom was incredible. The whole weekend. This Mom of ours, she is a Rock Star. Dad would be over-the-moon proud.

As he would of his sons-in-law. Look at those Corey Boys!

So, okay, Dad would have wanted to have gone home before any of the rest of us would have, but that's not important right now.

What is important is the day. And the peeps. And us.

All of us.



Noelle said...

I have memories of stories of many epic Corey Sundays! The tradition continues! So wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

That last photo is, well, epic! And the photo of the 5 Corey men? That one too.

Looks like so much fun!

Congrats again to J&J!


mom said...

Epic is the perfect word, so many fabulous memories.... thanks for sharing, Ellie.
love, mom

jacquie said...

love this! I tried to get that shot of the peeps lined up convict style in front of the black line on the wall at the brewery, but Schlekah totally hogged the opportunity so all of my photos are of the back of his head. Silly Schlekah. Maybe my next post will be outtakes! Enough of all this beauty and joy.

I miss Sunday. Sunday is better than Monday.