Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Prana leak

The last 10 days or so have been jam packed with music and fun. For whatever reason, multiple bands that I really like played nearby within the same week. My birthday happened to be smack dab in the middle of said week too. It was amazing, really it was.

There was Trevor Hall at the Belly Up, which I failed to get my camera out for, but here he is last year at the Boulder Theater.
Great show!

There was also The Moves at Winston's here in OB, which I also failed to photograph. Also a great show with plenty of dancing.

Then Xavier Rudd at the Belly Up.

He is currently touring with a full band, the United Nations, which was great visually and a different show than he normally puts on. (I could look at him for a long, long time....)

Next up was U2 at the LA Forum, farther afield than the Belly Up, but totally worth the drive because I got to hang out with this chica:

Hi Carlee!
It had been since 1987 that I'd seen U2 live, here in San Diego at the Sports Arena on their Joshua Tree tour, when my ticket cost only $16.50!

Ha! That's pretty much what one of these cost these days....

The special effects at the U2 concert were really something:

And although they played a lot of tunes from their newest album, their sound remains the same, and they did play a fair amount of older songs, taking me right back to years and events long since past.

The very next night it was back to the Belly Up for Rising Appalachia, which I also failed to photograph. but who blew my mind. I've listened to them before, but had never seen them live. They are worth seeing. Often.

(You're welcome for that.)

The music mayhem has come to an end, at least for now, and although it was so, so soul nourishing, this body of mine needs some rest. I feel as though all of my prana has leaked right out, much of it in Solana Beach, some more here in OB, and then the rest in LA. I need some sleep and some serious yoga studio time. I need to slow down and detox. And there is no time to delay, because Jacquie and I take off for Santa Clara in a few short weeks.....


Pat said...

So glad you are having great fun and so glad that music is in the middle of it.
Love, Mom

jacquie said...

So much musical fun! I saw a feature on that U2 technology recently on the CBS Sunday morning show, very cool. Can't wait for our upcoming adventure back in time, then *I* get to go to the Musical Event of the YEAR...... ONE DIRECTION!! I know you're jealous.



Me, You, or Ellie said...

I am!


Tortured in Central PA said...

Must you make a whole post about what I'm missing by living thousands of mile from my beloved Belly Up?!?
Thanks for not mentioning getting pizza at Pizza Port before the show...

MB said...

SO jealous of you two going to see the Dead! xoxo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh this is so grandiose! What fun for you.

That U2 show looks amazing. Belly Up looks amazing. *You* look amazing.

Sorry you don't have tix for One Direction, but I hear they suck without the kid who left, anyway, so maybe you're better off.....

Yay for you!!