Friday, June 5, 2015

Asheville Hodgepodge

Julie came home this week, so after a period of post-trip drudgery and mundane back to life nonsense, we all got to put ourselves right back in Asheville to relive the love-fest. We shared photos and stories and laughs, as we do. Many of the photos were one shot from 8 angles, and it was fun to see the different things that became evident whenever the angle changed. Last night I went through my photos again, and noticed some that don't quite become a story yet are too awesome to go uncelebrated.

Let's celebrate them, shall we? Uncle Merv style.

Ellie invited me on a hike the first morning I woke up in Asheville. It was perfect in every way, a great chance to move my bloomin arse and get out into the mountain air of the new and exciting world I'd just entered.

So green, so pretty, so east
look at her go!
Okay so that was our third attempt to get even 2 seconds away from the car without going back for something, but eventually we did break away and enjoy a great hike up to a certain tree, where we hugged each other then hugged the tree while trying to take a selfie and even took some video with the intention of finding a still shot to share until Ellie said: "now we probably have ticks" then that tree was dead to me. The photos are too hideous to share.


When in the south
On The Wedding Day, Julie's whole town celebrated by shutting down the road and throwing up vendor tents. The south is so festive!
See that blue house up on the right? That's pre-wedding HQ!

Porch of joy. Seriously. Zoom.
And then, later that same day...
The photographer totally ruined this shot for me. Rude.

Is there a single inch not to love?

bursting with love and joy

cue angel choir
And then, the very next day...
Who is Mistah talking to?

Here's Scott's butt and my almost great photo

here's Schlekah blocking my fugitive line-up photo

here's Mark blocking my bike line-up photo

Hell YA we're still here, Jane!

This? everything.

Porch swingin' at the big house
You already know what happened later that night

But then, finally, the very last next day:

Ash is really bad at being an outdoor cat.

Bye, lovebirds! Have fun storming the castle!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

These are fabulous! I love looking at all the expressions and all the groupings and all my peeps. And I spy Jane in a shot! Sadly, Doug only made it into two . . . . .

That porch! That porch was The Magical Porch of Love -- whenever one stumbled upon it, one was met by many many family members of the Family of Love. Your girl and I got felafels from Susie the Lebanese Street Vendor and we had to sneak them through The Magical Porch of Love into the house because we were about to make all our beloved family members really jealous. Murderously jealous. Steal-your-felafel jealous.

Love this so much! Can't get enough. Awesome post.


MB said...

Love, love, love revisiting all the fun! Great shots, Jacq! Miss you all. xo

Beth said...

You know your boy is seriously thinking, I need one of those drinks, uncle.

Fun post. You people know how to live. (I know, I've said that before, but it begs repeating.)