Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend 3-Way: Super Bowl XLIV

Tomorrow's the Super Bowl. Maybe you knew that; maybe you didn't. The big question is: Will anybody be watching it? My lovely co-bloggers, San Diego girls that they are, are presumably still bereft over the absence of the Chardres in the game (which Mistah calls the Stupid Bowl); how will they be able to stomach rooting for either the Saints or the Colts?

And Mistah and I will probably be camping somewhere in Georgia or north Florida. Maybe we'll hear it on the radio.

In any case, though, in the spirit of the Day, the Weekend, America's big food-fest party, tell us, what are your Super Bowl plans?

I am interested in the game for one reason and one reason only. I want to win the pool.

For the big payout, $500 at the end of the game, my numbers are Colts 7, Saints 9; and also Colts 2, Saints 8. That's the final digit of the final score. You've got to admit that those are crappy numbers.

My better chance, though, is winning the halftime pool, which is a modest $200 payoff. I don't have my numbers for that pool, but my friend Johnny Slips is on the case, and is going to call me after halftime to tell me I won. I think I have a really good chance because my friend Bandanna Ray -- unbeknownst to me -- put my name in with his name on 5 squares -- he said he didn't have enough karma on his own. I think all that extra karma is worth at least a 60-40 split, don't you?

And then I look forward to collecting an additional $1, on a side bet that I will in fact win that halftime pool.


Beth and I will indeed be watching the game, together! Or, more likely, we’ll be outside on the deck watching various small people roll and toddle and zip around. Here’s the invitation we both accepted:

"All right, we've been putting off this whole Superbowl thing since our CHARGERS are not in it, but it's time to face reality and get ready for Superbowl Sunday. (and we need to support our San Diego boys, Drew Brees and Reggie Bush!)

So, if you don't already have plans, Superbowl at our house, BYOB whatever you'd like to share. We'll be partying 'Nawlins stlyle with shrimp Po' Boys and Hurricanes. Bourbon anyone? Go Saints!!!

(Let us know if you're in, all are welcome, the more the merrier!)"

How awesome does that sound? Usually, I tolerate the game and enjoy the snacks and bevs, then tune in closely for the real entertainment – commercials and half time show. But this year I am completely offended by the issues with the ads, and the only way I can adequately express my outrage is to boycott the tv altogether. So I hope it’s sunny out on that deck, I’ll be hanging with the kids.

By the way... what n'awlins style offering should I bring? I'm thinking of jambalaya in the crock pot, got a recipe?

It is quite an invitation, isn't it? I'm really looking forward to it, and, like you, Jacquie, not for the game per se, and definitely not for the Focus on the Family-sponsored ad. I mean puuuhlease!

What I am looking forward to is seeing all the peeps, both adults and kids (I think there may even be a baby boy in attendence that I've not yet met!), and, of course, to indulging in both food and drink. I know the spread will be amazing, although the New Orleans theme is making me rethink making frito pie.

Ellie's game interest sounds like a good idea too. We'll need to get some type of pool play going on over there too. I mean, it's the stupid bowl, right?


go Saints in PA said...

Oh how I love all things football so tomorrow is the last hoorah of the season and we will be hosting a party, pulling for the Saints, and muting any commercial in which Tim Tebow appears. (that's what I call parental control!)

If the kids get bored...Mother Nature dumped 13 inches of snow outside, so they can sled and frolic in the moonlight.

It really is a win-win kind of day.

Oh...I may even break out the beignet mix!

Pat said...

What I wouldn't give to share it with you guys! Next time give me a heads up and I might just show up.

Go Saints.

Mom C said...

I'm in superbowl pool also. I never win, so I'm not hopeful like you are Ellie! Would love to watch the Superbowl (or not) on a sunny deck with all those little kids - and their moms! love mom

Kathi D said...

I won't be watching it, but I would come to a Superbowl party if there was Frito pie involved.

NucMEd is Hot said...

You can never go wrong with camping. Sometimes it's better to listen. The minds eye is always better than reality! Go Saints!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love you people. Truly, I do.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, and I did *not* winn the $1. Har-umph.