Friday, March 4, 2016


I mentioned last week that my little tiny baby boy was having a birthday. Behold, the after:

We love a good old fashioned present pile! The best years are the ones with no big ticket requests so we can make a mountain. Oh, and Merry Christmas.

My boy's brutha from anutha mutha was with us all weekend. They're pretty much twins, with the minor exception of race, color and creed. They've been friends since preschool and have both waded through some heavy duty dookie in their young lives. They're good buddies.

Much like Christmas, we were awakened at the crack of dawn for gift opening. I love this photo cuz look at everyone. It was SATURDAY.

The birthday boy's request for driving practice with his buddy as witness was fulfilled before my 8:45 departure for the gym. On a SATURDAY.

They didn't do much all day other than enjoy the freedom to play demented video games without interruption and snarf the junk food mountain into oblivion. They were conservative in their consumption though, because they were saving up their appetites for...

korean barbeque!

Dream dinner. A feast fit for kings among men, man

More than just piles of meat grilled right in the heart of our table... look at all those little tiny buckets of loveliness. I die a million deaths. 

delicious lovliness. 

Happy Birthday, doofus

These two buddies, though.

Ellie recently reminded me about a story from years back when we were all out to lunch or something and the waitron brought the food that these boys had ordered out to us on the deck, but we redirected her to deliver the food to them inside. I said she'd recognize them because "they look like twins"

It's uncanny

If this was a video, you'd see it. They walk, talk, inflect and goof at exactly the same clip. They really are twins.

This was literally taken at 11:58. We'd been too full to partake any earlier, but wanted to properly mark the birthday propah with Mrs. Cronin's recipe for triple chocolate cake. 

He had his dream day, which is all I ever want for my birthday peeps.

BONUS... speaking of buddies:


Me, You, or Ellie said...

*Sniff*. Everybody's so BIG. Everybody's so grown UP.

Love this, Jacqueline. Love all those tiny buckets of loveliness *so* much. Love Mrs. Cronin's triple chocolate cake, love your doggie buddies, and most of all, love your boy's day. You gave him exactly the day he wanted, sistah. That's pretty stinking awesome.

Oh, and I love your not-so-tiny boy's hair, too.

Great job -- on the dream day and the blog post. Nailed it.


mom said...

I love it too, and I like how the UConn hoodie is in every single pic. AND I want some Korean bar b q. Your boy is so grown up - love him....
love, mom

Beth said...

Oh my, there is SO much going on in this post!! The SATURDAY morning photos are the bomb. And yes, Ellen, so much UConn going on. Represent!

The twins are the best. And the twin remark from the waitron even better. lol. And where is that anutha mutha? I MISS her!

I love those boys friendship and your wise decision to let the bday be what he wanted, demented video games and junk food included. Really thought? The snowman paper might be my favorite part.

You're a good mama, J!