Friday, March 25, 2016

so anyway, there I was

Ok, where was I

Oh yeah...

But let's back it up a little, shall we? A few years ago, we littles decided that we weren't seeing enough of each other, and that Something Must be Done. We talked about the conference I go to every year that it usually held somewhere awesome, and we looked at the line up for the next several years. First up was Austin, then Chicago. I was lucky and thrilled to see Jane in both of those fine cities, but Julie couldn't make those dates work, so we did this. That was fun. Next on the block was Hilton Head, an oceanfront hotel in the spring within driving distance of Julie? Oh yes please.

Julie sent a helpful packing list:

and I made some arrangements:

bye Cynthia
and then, like magic, we were back in bid'niz

The terrible, awful, no good, very bad thing about coordinating our littles' reunions with my conference is that I keep having to be all like:

while those bitches be like:

when is cheese a question?
But I'd join them on my breaks and act like:

That was a great spot, although quiet was not necessarily the strong point of this particular hotel, they made up for it somehow

loved that spot
And of course, we had our evenings to venture out unto the land and sea, fulfilling ourselves with good(ish) food and lovely bevs and my God, the gorgeous faces on those sisters of mine. 

we were so bad at taking a selfie that a woman marched over with her palm extended, demanding that we hand over the phone.

that shrimp.

I think it was our first night out when we walked along the marina to find a nightcap and stumbled into this funny bar with the most surreal musicians. It really was an SNL skit. They opened with Down in Africa, intended without irony. When someone requested Feelings they obliged. They obliged! As did we. 

whoooaaa whoaaa whooaaa
Then we successfully did not get murdered in our $5 uber ride back home to our happy place. 

This looks like a new day! We changed clothes. It all runs together, really. It was a great conference with my fun professional friends, and an amazing time with my sisters, my lovely loves. We had great talks and big laughs and ... I don't know how to describe what it is that we have when we are just existing in the same space, but it's really really good. Sustaining. 

please note that I'm not even FLEXing.  

room of dreams

I don't know what's better, the hat, the gut, or the deoderant swipe. Let's focus on Jane's mad moves, shall we?

One day we went for mexican food, because when am I ever going to get good mexican food if not on the coast of South Carolina? Pro tip: if you are anemic and craving a big pile of meat, order a small salad. Afterwards we decided to stay active and take our best-idea-ever rented beach cruisers for a spin that went weirdly inland before landing us back on the beach toward homeaway.

I tried so hard to imbed this 2 second video. Give a girl a break and click here

Thank you.

That night we opted to stay in and order what was really and truly the world's best pizza while watching an indulgent chick flick. That might also have been the night we visited the jacuzzi in our giant fluffy robes and fell into a vortex that defied both time and space when trying to get back to our room. We definitely traumatized the woman in the wheelchair, didn't we? Especially Jane. 

This was either before or after all of that? I was feeling a bit puny. 
Our last day was just a half, but we eeked a lot of joy by biking back down to the waterfront for boozy brunch. Then we had to say goodbye to Julie which was so mean and dumb. Jane and I had about an hour before it would be time to call the cab for our shared island hopper flight to the mainland. I didn't feel well, it wasn't the end of the world but kinda sucked as far as happy endings are concerned. When Jand said that an uber was available 20 minutes before the time we'd agreed to leave, I told her to hail he sumanabeech. I said, and I quote, these dramatic and foreboding words: "I don't have the fortitude to deal with any travel problems right now." 

We went up to retrieve our bags and were momentarily separated while we went to change. That's when our phones rang. Oh HI American Airlines! I bet this is good news!

I didn't get in the cab with Jane, she hurried off just in time to meet our flight, which finally took off about 4 hours later. As for me? I was on my way to Savannah with Teh Hun

He was lovely, and made everything less awful. But he played Adele the whole time, as if I wasn't sick enough.
I had a minor detour on my way to San Diego

a delicious detour
But finally found myself

halfway home. 


Jane Corey Holt said...

OMG love love love so much! I want to go back! So many laughs and so much love.
Um, I have no memory of traumatizing someone in a wheelchair. Did I beat someone up and block it out?
Love you mad, sister.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Remember when we were lost in the elevator then told the lady in the wheelchair we could help her get back to her room then we landed at OUR room and we're like "ok bye" and you were having... issues

Julie said...

cape fear style issues. love this, my fellow littles. What's up next? maybe we should go to the dominican republic or something all-inclusive and indulgent. miss your faces, my lovelies xoxoxoxo

Beth said...

Wow, this is so much! How you guys pack so much in to a few short days is impressive. There should be a manual.

It's so awesome that are so many of your Corey sisters that you can break up into different teams of 3. Ellie, it seems as though the bigs are behind in this weekend-away-debauchery deal. Time for some planning?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

We Bigs have got nuthin' on the Littles.

There. I've said it.

But I will say this. I would *never* beat anybody up in a wheelchair. I mean, a girl's gotta have a code.

These photos and this commentary make me miss my sisters, though. Big *or* Little.

Love. Thanks for giving us a glance into your Epicness, Littlest.

Love you Big.

(See what I did there?)